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Season 11
Number 10
Writer Michael Frost Beckner
Director Frank Waldeck
Original Airdate December 9, 2010
Previous Episode: Wild Life
Next Episode: Man Up

418/427 is the tenth episode in season eleven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs set out to track down a pedophile suspected of murdering an FBI agent's wife and kidnapping his children.


Victims: Christine Moore (deceased), Hector Atoya (deceased), Holly Moore (missing)

On the case: Catherine Willows, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Jim Brass

A woman leaving a grocery store meets a grizzly end when she and a bag checker are shot. Though the bag checker has a gang tattoo and a record, it was the woman who was shot three times, indicating to the CSIs that she was the target. The team notices her car is gone, and they learn from another customer that she had a young child with her. Brass issues an Amber Alert on the missing girl.

Nick questions the grocery store cashier, who says that the victim seemed to be very upset and also ignored a cell phone call. The cashier reveals that the victim paid by check, which reveals her name is Christine Moore. Based on the driver's license number written on the check, Archie checks the DMV records and identifies the missing vehicle. He also finds that Christine's husband, Daniel, is listed on the registration; however, access to his record is restricted.

In the morgue, David Phillips pulls a .22 caliber bullet from the bagger, but he and Doc Robbins are interrupted when Daniel Moore bursts into the morgue to see his wife - or more specifically, the eye she got shot in. Daniel is an FBI agent, and he’s convinced that Rylan Gauss, a serial pedophile he’s been hunting, killed his wife - and took his daughter.

Archie pulls a frantic message from Christine’s cell phone left by a Trent Moore warning her that someone is following her. Agent Moore tells Brass he’s been after Rylan Gauss for a decade. Gauss has abducted six little girls from their beds, and he shot the mother of his last victim in the eye when she interrupted the abduction. He was convicted of the murder but released when an evidence analysis was called into question. Agent Moore tells Brass that Gauss threatened him and his family. Worried about his son, Trent, from his first marriage, Agent Moore calls his son at work and learns he never showed up, leading the FBI agent to fear Rylan has both of his children. Those fears seem to be confirmed when the CSIs go to his house and find it torn up - with no sign of Trent.

Catherine and Nick go to Gauss' apartment and find no sign of the pedophile. Back at Agent Moore’s house, Sara is frustrated when the agent interferes with the investigation, pointing out cornstarch on the windowsill is likely from the cheap latex gloves Rylan uses to abduct his victims. In addition, he points out that a chisel mark by the window also fits Gauss' M.O. After an unhinged Agent Moore contaminates the crime scene, Sara and Brass get him to leave. In the bathroom, Sara discovers half-empty bottles of antidepressants prescribed to Trent that appear to have been discarded.

In Gauss' apartment, Catherine and Nick discover children’s books in Ziploc bags hidden behind a wall. Greg and Hodges read the files on Gauss and alert Catherine that he takes his victims from parks. Catherine and Nick go to a nearby park and find the pedophile taking a video of a little girl. Agent Moore shows up with a gun, but Nick tackles Gauss to the ground before the agent can shoot him. Gauss is arrested on the spot.

Brass questions Gauss, who denies taking Holly Moore but seems none too sad to hear his pursuer’s daughter is missing. When Brass plays the voice mail Trent left for Christine, Gauss denies being at the scene of her murder and claims he's being framed. Gauss provides an alibi for the night before, saying that he was at a bar off of Fremont Street. Brass tells Gauss that they found his stash of children's books and if there any prints on them from his victims, his days as a free man are over.

Christine's minivan is discovered abandoned and out of gas in a seedy neighborhood not too far from Gauss' place. Though there’s no sign of Holly or Trent, the team does recover a half-eaten egg sandwich from the back of the van. Hodges gets prints off of it, but they don’t match Gauss. The belief is that whoever ate the sandwich is the one who took Holly. When they fail to recover any prints from the books found in Gauss' apartment and the pedophile’s alibi checks out, Brass is forced to release him, much to Agent Moore’s consternation. Nick questions why the agent's focus is entirely on Gauss and not his dead wife.

When Christine’s sister calls the morgue to have her body released, Doc Robbins learns that the Moores were going through an ugly divorce, and Christine was suing for sole custody of both Holly and Trent. Catherine states that if Agent Moore wasn't with the FBI, he would likely be the team's prime suspect. She calls Brass and tells him to confirm Agent Moore's alibi for the night of his wife's murder.

The team tracks Moore to Gauss’s apartment, where they find him standing over the body of Gauss, holding a gun. Agent Moore insists he didn’t shoot Gauss and claims that someone beat him to it. This is confirmed when David Phillips determines Gauss was killed with a .22 caliber gun, the same weapon used in the grocery store killings. However, neither of Agent Moore's guns are that caliber.

Henry tells Sara that the medication Trent was on is used to treat schizophrenia, Hodges intervenes and adds that the fingerprints from the egg salad sandwich in the car surprisingly belong to Trent, which puts him in the car at the time of the shooting. Meanwhile, Greg finds a hat for Fast Food Deliveries in Gauss' apartment and remembers that Trent works for a messenger service.

When asked about his son's state of mind, Agent Moore tells Brass he rejected Christine’s assertion that Trent was schizophrenic. Brass points out that the agent's own behavior has been erratic. Noting that a hat belonging to Trent was found in Gauss' apartment, Brass presses Agent Moore to name a place Trent might go. The agent names the house he lived in with his first wife, who is now deceased. Sara and some uniformed officers go there and discover Trent hiding out in a shed, totally disoriented, believing he’s actually Rylan Gauss. Sara gets the disturbed young man to give up his gun and takes him in.

Hodges processes the hat Trent was wearing and recovers several bed bugs from it. Meanwhile, Catherine confirms bullets from Trent’s gun killed Gauss, but not Christine. She notes that Christine was shot in the eye, which is Gauss' M.O. When she asks Brass who else knew Gauss' M.O., Brass has one answer - Agent Moore.

Brass theorizes that Agent Moore saw Christine leaving in the middle of the night with Holly in the car and figured she was leaving town. He convinces the agent to confess to Trent that he killed Christine, hoping that Trent will snap back into reality and remember where he left Holly. Though the attempt fails, the CSIs guess that Trent might have taken his sister to a hotel in the neighborhood where the minivan ran out of gas based on bed bugs they discovered in his hat. The team scours hotels until they find the one Trent checked into and discover Holly with a woman in the hotel room next door. Sara and Brass tell Trent and Agent Moore that Holly has been found safe and unharmed.


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  • The code 418/427 might stand for missing person and kidnapping.


  • Laurence Fishburne (Langston) is credited but doesn't appear in this episode. This is the first and only episode since his first appearance where he does not appear.

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