A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 2
Bullet 2
Season 6
Number 8
Writer Carol Mendelsohn
Director Kenneth Fink
Original Airdate November 17, 2005
Previous Episode: A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 1
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A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 2 is the eighth episode in Season Six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs shift through the overwhelming evidence from a shootout with drug dealers in order to determine who is responsible for the death of a police officer killed during the incident.


Victims: Daniel Bell, Ricardo Estevez, Salvador Rosario, Leandro Chavez, Jose Fausto (all deceased), Geraldo Zamesca (alive)

On the case: Entire team

Jose Fausto, the fourth and final suspect in the car chase that left one officer and three suspects dead, has been shot to death himself. Warrick and Det. Cavaliere kneel over the body and observe that Jose was shot just once—a perfect kill. This would seem to indicate that they're looking for a professional, not a gang member on a drive-by. They also don't know how the shooter knew where Jose was. Thinking that Jose may have reached out to someone, Warrick offers to check the phone records.

Undersheriff McKeen is understandably upset that their only suspect in a cop killing has been gunned down in police custody. The detectives meet and recap the case: Sergeant Adams and Officer Bell were making a routine traffic stop on a Buick when the stolen Chevy Caprice intervened and engaged the police in a gunfight. McKeen questions why the suspects would do this at all; the theory is that the Buick was moving drugs and the Caprice was trying to keep the cops and rival gangs away. Ecklie notes that eyewitnesses are claiming Officer Carroll shot an unarmed man, but both Brass and Carroll saw a gun in Ricardo Estevez's hand. Eyewitnesses also saw Officer Davis planting a gun on Salvador Rosario, but Sofia says Davis picked up the suspect's gun in error. Leandro Chavez bled out from treatable wounds, but Officer Bell was the paramedics' first priority at the scene. The biggest question that remains is who shot Bell, and Grissom has grim news for them: Bell was killed by friendly fire. The bullet has yet to be recovered, and McKeen orders everyone to get on the street and find it.

Bobby Dawson informs Grissom that the 9mm pistol recovered from Jose's motel room matches the cartridge case from Geraldo Zemesca, the teenage boy who is in the hospital. Jose shot Geraldo in the back for his bike. Sofia is devastated by the fact that she may have shot Bell, and she turns to Grissom for support. She tells him she recalls that Bell was between her and the suspects; however, she was shooting over his cover, which is a violation of policy. Before she can get any further, Sara interrupts, reminding Sofia she shouldn't be at the lab discussing the case with anyone. Sara recommends a departmental counselor as an alternative, but Sofia leaves, admitting that her reaching out to Grissom was a bad idea.

Back at the scene of the Jose Fausto shooting, a cartridge is discovered in a motel room facing the parking lot where Jose was shot, but the shooter is long gone. Since Fremont Street isn't far from the motel, the thought is that the shooter went that way and simply blended in with the crowd. The Buick Regal the officers were originally pursuing when the Caprice cut them off is discovered in an alley, torched almost beyond recognition. Sergeant Adams takes Catherine and Det. Ortega back to where he and Bell first spotted the Buick—they chased it because of a domestic dispute between a man and a pregnant woman in a parking lot. Catherine spots a surveillance camera and thinks it could provide answers.

Greg tells Grissom that the suspects started shooting at the police 20 blocks north of the crime scene. All ammo evidence he recovered was from the AKs; there were no police cartridge cases or bullets recovered. Hodges intervenes and informs Grissom that he found red clay chips and dust in the gouges on Ricardo's gun, so Grissom returns to the scene with Sara, Brass, Carroll and Hodges to reconstruct the events. A red clay roof right next to the alley where Ricardo fled provides the answers. Ricardo tried to toss his gun, but because of a chipped shingle on the roof, the gun fell back into his hand. That's when Carroll turned back after Brass ran into the alley and spotted Ricardo, gun in hand, and proceeded to fire.

Back at the lab, Catherine and Ecklie go through the surveillance video from the nearby donut shop. They notice the man and pregnant woman arrive in a Geo Metro and switch to the Buick. The man pulls out a hide-a-key, which Catherine can't find on the car but is able to recover from the debris from auto transport. She recovers a print from the hide-a-key.

Things continue to get worse for the department, as Danilo Zemesca talks to the news media about his anger over the police's failure to make a statement about his son's shooting. Bobby Dawson and Hodges are able to determine that the bullet from the Torres' house that Sara recovered in a candle is from a police-issued gun, and it has blood on it. They send it to DNA. Meanwhile, Nick looks over the burned Buick and finds no evidence of cartridge cases, blood, or drugs of any kind. Whoever torched the car may have taken all relevant evidence with them before doing so.

Brass and Sofia meet in a diner, both shell-shocked from the fallout of the gun battle. Brass tells Sofia about a shooting he was involved in as a young cop, but she's still haunted by Bell's death. She also reiterates that she made a mistake by shooting too close to Bell. As they continue to converse, two patrol officers enter, spot Sofia, and cast scornful looks her way.

The fingerprint on the hide-a-key leads Catherine and Ortega to Carlos Contranos and his girlfriend Bianca, whose pregnancy was faked—a cover for running drugs. Boxes in the house indicate that they were being shipped drugs, which they were delivering to the guys up the food chain. However, when the couple is brought in for questioning, they refuse to talk, terrified by what will be done to them by the people they were working for if they do.

Warrick manages to get a hit off the sniper's cartridge case; it ties back to an unsolved drug rip-off in Los Angeles last year. Furthermore, phone records from the motel show that Jose made one call an hour before he died. The call was made to a disposable phone, leaving the police with a dead end.

Wendy tells Grissom the blood on the bullet from the Torres' house is indeed Bell's, but Bobby says that because the jacket is completely stripped from the bullet, there's no way to tell which officer's gun it came from. However, the bullet is from a Sig-Sauer, which is the type of gun both Brass and Sofia use. Meanwhile, Catherine tells Ecklie that the substance in the packages delivered to Carlos and Bianca was cocaine. However, the return addresses on the packages are fake, they're not talking, and the four suspects are dead. There's nothing more the lab can do.

Grissom, Greg, Nick and Sara head back to the crime scene to reconstruct the shooting using lasers and a dummy. Sara takes Sofia's spot, while Nick moves into Brass' position. Using the lasers, they determine that Bell stood up at some point during the gunfight. Furthermore, they find that Sofia couldn't have fired the shot that killed Bell, but Brass must have stood up—putting him in the exact position to fire the fatal shot. Grissom has the grim task of giving Brass the unfortunate news; the conclusion is that Bell was hit in his vest, which spun him around at the same time Brass was firing. Meanwhile, Sofia learns from Ortega that she's been cleared.

Grissom attends the community meeting McKeen has set up to appease the angry citizens of the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. When an angry Danilo asks about his son, Grissom informs him that Fausto was the one who shot his son in order to steal his bike, and that the boy wasn't hit by errant fire from the officers. Brass attends Bell's funeral and is shunned by the other cops. Ortega tells him that he'll have to answer to a review board, and that his opinion is that it was a bad shot. Mrs. Bell learns that Brass is the one who shot her husband, but she's more forgiving—she embraces him and tells him she knows it wasn't his fault as he sobs and tells her how sorry he is.


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Episode Title[]

  • The title is likely a take on A River Runs Through It, a book that was turned into a 1992 movie that starred Craig Sheffer and Brad Pitt.

Major Events[]

  • This is the first time Hodges went out into the field.


Catherine: So just how bad was the meeting with the undersheriff?
Ecklie: Worse than the dentist, but better than the proctologist.


  • When we see the "CSI Shot" of the firing of Brass'/Sofia's gun, it shows a Glock being fired. Both of the detectives carry Sig-Sauer 9mm handguns.


  • Brass has been disciplined or suspended six or seven times in his career.

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