A Grizzly Murder
A Grizzly Muder
Season 5
Number 17
Writer Elizabeth Devine
Director Eagle Egilsson
Original Airdate February 26, 2007
Previous Episode: Broken Home
Next Episode: Triple Threat

A Grizzly Murder is the seventeenth episode in Season Five of CSI: Miami.


A hunter is attacked and killed by a grizzly bear, but the evidence suggests the victim may have been set up as bait. The investigation reveals the death may be a cover-up for the murder of a high-priced hooker and her bodyguard who were part of an illegal prostitution ring servicing elite clients in Miami.


When Alexx finds bear lure slathered on the vest of Dennis West, a man killed by a bear while on a hunting trip with two friends, the CSIs realize West is a murder victim. His friends, Rob and Andy, also have traces of the lure on them. The CSIs go to the men's hotel room, where they find blood and a woman's iPod. They are able to match the music on the iPod to purchases made by a woman named Anna Sivarro, but when Horatio questions her, she denies ever being in the room and offers up her DNA to prove it. After Rob and Andy are caught trying to flee town with a bloody cooler in the back of their car, the CSIs go back to where the men were hunting and find the body of a young woman. Rob and Andy claim Dennis killed her.

The large pool of blood in the men's room turns out to be male, a match for a bodyguard named Rocco who works at a local strip club. The owner, Joe Mazzaro, tells the CSIs that Rocco accompanied a girl from the club to a job: none other than Anna Sivarro. Horatio questions Anna again, and she identifies the dead woman as Tess Gowan, who she asked to fill in for her that night. Anna worried when she couldn't reach Tess, and she arrived at the hotel just in time to see the men carrying out Rocco's body. The CSIs discover Rocco's body near the hotel and a feather they find on him matches the ones that comprise Dennis's vest. Dennis killed Rocco, but the CSIs still don't know who killed Tess—or Dennis.

Horatio, realizing Joe is a pimp, tracks down Anna and finds her with Supervisor Scott O'Shay. O'Shay threatens Horatio, while Anna tells the CSI that Joe sent her to O'Shay because he blamed her for Tess's death. Alexx has determined that Tess was asphyxiated, literally crushed to death. DNA from semen in her mouth proves it was Andy, who insists it was an accident, a claim Calleigh negates. Rob and Andy put the bear lure on Dennis's vest after he grew a conscience and wanted to confess to what they'd done. The case closed, Horatio warns O'Shay to stay away from Anna, and tells a grateful Anna that Tess's murderer has been caught.


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  • Grizzly bears are not native nor have ever been native to Florida. Florida is home to only one kind of bear, the Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus).

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