Minor Character: Miami
Name Aaron Nolan and Jenna York
Gender Male (Nolan)
Female (York)
City Miami
Occupation Air Marshal (Nolan)
Stewardess (York)
Pathology Drug dealers
Murderer (York)
Con artists
Modus Operandi Drug trafficking
Roofie, followed by accidental manslaughter
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Seth Gilliam (Nolan)
Jaimie Alexander (York)
First Appearance Flight Risk

Aaron Nolan and Jenna York are two drug traffickers, specifically of Dormal pills, working within the airlines they're employed at. They're also responsible for the death of Suzanne Grady, a stewardess who would've reported the operations.


Nolan, an air marshal, and York, a flight stewardess, would smuggle Dormal pills between flights, Nolan hiding them in his neck cushion during flights. Suzanne found York's stash and reported it, of all people, to Nolan. Nolan ordered York to try and silence Suzanne by some means without crossing unnecessary lines. York's plan took advantage of Suzanne's hangover when she was spiked by Carolyn Morrow, another flight attendant, when they partied and drank the night before.

While the three were on a flight that was handling another drug shipment, York slipped a Dormal pill into Suzanne's mouth to sedate her. Dropping her into the cargo hold and sealing her in a luggage bag, York was hoping she would look so irresponsible the flight would never investigate her credible allegations. The shipment went successfully, but the plan with Suzanne backfired: Suzanne hit a sharp turn while she was on the baggage conveyor belt, with a sharp cut of metal protruding out. Her neck was cut, and she bled to death along the route. When she stumbled out of the tunnel into baggage claim, dead and soaked in as much of her blood as all the luggage present, the detectives were called.

She had a cigarette burn on her hand, and a butt in the plane matched Marvin Duffy, York informing detectives he was stalking Suzanne to misdirect them. Nolan had earlier placed the cigarette near his seat to distract Suzanne long enough that York could prepare the Dormal to ship and to dose Suzanne with. Duffy's photos actually led to Carolyn Morrow, who confessed to spiking Suzanne the night before.

When Nolan's pillow is found in the trash bag from the flight with a few Dormal pills, He's brought in for interrogation. He admits the drug trafficking, but not the manslaughter, refusing to give up his supplier or York. But York's blood is on the hatch to the cargo and dripped onto Suzanne's uniform, when York cut herself from the turbulence when dropping Suzanne in. She's brought in and confesses, afraid of her penalties especially since she never meant to kill Suzanne and somewhat regrets the turn her actions took. Both are arrested and are last seen on the prisoner's bus before being incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Nolan and York smuggle drugs on their flights in common objects they could stuff them in, using their positions as crew to be inconspicuous. When Suzanne found out, Nolan ordered York to figure something out to discredit and silence Suzanne. Taking advantage of her hangover, York drugged Suzanne with Dormal while she was unconscious and zipped her into a water ski bag, hoping she'd look irresponsible and the operation would be protected. A sharp cut of metal on a turn of the luggage line inadvertently slit Suzanne's throat, causing her to die from blood loss. York later misdirected to Suzanne's stalker, Marvin Duffy, to draw suspicion away from the duo.

Known Victims[]

  • Suzanne Grady (drugged with Dormal and shoved into a water ski bag; accidentally hit sharp metal on baggage line that cut her throat, bleeding to death)
  • Marvin Duffy (attempted to frame for Suzanne's death; failed)