Minor Character: Miami
Schecter Murdoch
Name Aaron Schecter
Ricky Murdoch
Gender Both male
City Miami
Occupation Bar owner (Murdoch)
Private attorney (Schecter)
Pathology Murderer (Murdoch)
Attempted Murderer (Schecter)
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 2 killed (Murdoch)
1 attempted (Schecter)
Status Both incarcerated
Portrayed By Jay Mohr (Schecter)
Ian Somerhalder (Murdoch)
First Appearance The Best Defense

Aaron Schecter and Ricky Murdoch are two elite shooters, Murdoch responsible for killing his businesses partners, Schecter for nearly killing Murdoch in a botched attempt to cover it up.


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Modus Operandi[]

Murdoch shot Dawson and Sayers dead in an altercation. To cover it up, Schecter took the gun used and shot Murdoch in the shoulder, with his sleeve rolled up to leave no prints. But a second bullet discharged from the same shot in another slot in the barrel, nearly piercing Murdoch's heart and lung.

Known Victims[]

  • Brad Dawson (shot in his mouth)
  • Justin Sayers (shot in his head)
  • Ricky Murdoch (shot by Schecter in the shoulder with one bullet and discharged another into his chest)