Minor Character: Miami
Name Adam Decker
Gender Male
Family Wendy Decker (wife)
City Miami
Occupation Aviator
Pathology Drug smuggler
Modus Operandi Transnational flight smuggling
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Tom Schanley
First Appearance Not Landing

Adam Decker is a drug smuggler and the main murder victim in Not Landing in CSI:Miami.


Decker co-owned Dolson Treatment Labs with neighbor Wes Gallagher, making aerial deliveries from being an expert pilot. Decker was married to Wendy, who suspected he was having an affair and thus cheated on her with neighbor Tony Macken, a voyeur having installed cameras in every neighbor's house. Decker would also take flights to smuggle drugs unbeknownst to everyone, even his wife and business partner. But his biggest project in the works was an idea from aeronautics specialist and neighbor Heddy Latham, who dreamed of a state-of-the-art plane and was designing the blueprints for Decker and Gallagher to construct the plane for her. It's also heavily implied Decker did have an affair with Latham, which is one reason why her husband, Jeff, hated Adam. But Decker planned to keep the plane to himself, for use and/or for selling the design, which shocked and crushed Heddy. At the same time, Gallagher found out his partner was using his plane to smuggle drugs to Mexico for extra cash, which could ruin the company. When Heddy sabotaged the gas tanks to leak in the air and poison Decker to death, Gallagher hid a minimal damage explosive on the plane so Decker couldn't make the latest drug flight but, being the best aviator he knows, could still land the plane. The plans worked for both, with the hitch that it crashed into a populated Miami shoreline and nearly killed all the beachgoers there, miraculously missing all of them and leaving Decker the only one dead. The two saboteurs are eventually found out and incarcerated, along with the other cul-de-sac neighbors' secrets and crimes.