Minor Character: New York
Name Alena Maybrook
Gender Female
Family Pascal Denton (ex-fiance)
City New York
Occupation Department Store Admin
Pathology Self-Defense Killer
Modus Operandi Cash Register Robbing
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Alive/Incarcerated/Deceased
Portrayed By Lisa Brenner
First Appearance Shop Till You Drop

"There's something so poetic about snowfall. Snowflakes don't have a long life span, but...they leave such an unforgettable mark." "You wouldn't talk because you were stalling." "When you realize you're going to die soon... a part of you wants to make sure there was a reason why you lived." -Alena Maybrook and Jo Danville

Alena Maybrook is a robber and later a vigilante killer in self-defense who was dying from cancer. She appeared in Shop Till You Drop in CSI:New York.


"While he was sitting in his office, there were people out there in the store, working their asses off. Those same people were going to lose their jobs without advance notice. No bonuses, no benefits, and no time to find a new job before the new year. All of this, while the store was spending thousands on windows. I stopped feeling sorry for myself after that. I couldn't resign. I decided to stay on the job and help someone in some way."

Alena Maybrook worked as an assistant manager at Stonefield's, a shopping mall department store, engaged to the man in charge of the window displays, Pascal Denton. She was dealt a horrific shock as the holiday season was approaching: she was dying from T cell lymphocytic leukemia, a rare, aggressive cancer. To spare Denton the mourning, she broke off the engagement. She wanted to resign so no one would watch her die, but she was told by Charles Richmore, the CEO and her boss, she'd get more money because her subordinates would be fired. She was newly inspired, taking upon herself a moral obligation to make a difference before she died. From Stonefield's plan to lay off several of its employees, which she didn't accept because she cared about the people she employed and worked with, she took her own discreet liberty to regularly rob the cash registers in the store, ten dollars each time so it wouldn't be a system scrutiny and be considered a miscalculation. Unfortunately for her, Richard Grossman, the general manager, caught her on camera one day she was stealing. He confronted her in private, but instead of reporting her, privy to a history of sexual harassment and offenses as shown in lawsuits against Grossman, Grossman blackmailed Maybrook with an unsurprising demand: sexually exploiting her as much as he wanted to while she was robbing, not knowing about her fatal medical problems. She barely fought Grossman's sexual assaults and exploitation, long enough to collect all the money she needed. Once she was done, she arranged for the deliveries of the envelopes filled with money, then decided to confront Grossman. Behind the window display, a few days before Christmas, she called off the sexual assaults, which left Grossman furious and still wanting more. To that end, Grossman lunged at her and tried to violently rape her. To defend herself, she scratched Grossman's face and kneed him in his crotch and stomach, but not enough to keep her from being stabbed in her back with a protruding icicle decoration Denton set up for the Christmas display. Fearing for herself and the people she cared about, she immediately grabbed a model tree branch also from the display and bludgeoned Grossman once in the temple, which was disorienting enough for Grossman to stumble back and land on the seat that would revolve out once the display would be unveiled. Shocked and scared after what she did, she dropped the tree branch and ran off. As she cleaned herself up in the bathroom, still in shock, a pickpocket, Howie Simon, stole the camera that had the evidence of her robberies, before she walked off to recollect herself.

Shop Till You Drop[]

She's first seen when Jo Danville passes her in a park, making a snow angel and smiling at her from the ground, finally relieved everything's over she made the closure she needed. Meeting with Mac Taylor, the two find Simon using the camera as a distraction at a crowd watching the window display, eventually revealing a dead Grossman flying out when the display rotates to the window. Simon's first suspected since Grossman's evidence is found on the camera, but the wound on Maybrook's back and her blood at the scene points to her, Danville immediately recognizing her. She's later scene getting up once she feels her gash in pain. She's then found by Danville resting on a park bench, and when Danville checks for her pulse and asks if she's alright, she wakes up and stares at her silently. She's brought to the police and interrogated, asked about the struggle and why she has her body's evidence at the scene. She says nothing the whole time despite knowing the repercussions. Assuming at first the crime was deliberate, they eventually start to believe she fought for herself in self-defense after discovering Grossman's lawsuits an speaking with her colleagues, also ruling out Denton as a suspect and hearing about the engagement and it being called off so soon. Still mute, she lets Danville takes scrapings from under her fingernails, not even replying when Danville says if she killed him in self-defense, she doesn't have to be afraid and she won't be charged if she says what happened. With evidence that she did it but little info on what transpired, they're under obligation to let her go. Her blood's soon tested at the lab: they find she has the cancer she's dying from and realize there's more to the killing that what it seems. She later meets Danville at the same park, smiling and warmly telling her she's relieved for them to talk. She then says after she got her diagnosis, she gained a new perspective and hoped to end her life doing kindness for people who needed it during the holidays. She confesses to everything, from the robberies to the blackmails to the victimization and self-defense counter to protect herself. Danville finally verbalizes why she didn't speak when she figures it out then and there: she stalled away from the robberies, hoping to buy time for the mailed illicit pensions to reach their recipients. Maybrook comments on the snowfall, saying it doesn't last but it's unforgettable, then saying when she realizes she is dying, she wanted a reason why she lived instead of regretting her death. Danville then turned the case over the the robbery division once she got back to the lab. Taylor figured she'd pass away before justice could prosecute her. She was never charged, incarcerated, and possibly died, depending on the turns in the case and her cancer.

Modus Operandi[]

Maybrook took ten dollars from each store cash register to not draw too much the systems in the store would find it suspicious and have to report, thus not leading to her motives in robbery. She then compiled the money she stole into envelopes, mailing them anonymously on Christmas Day to people in the store who were being fired to protect the business finances. When she called off the blackmail with Grossman and he tried to rape her, she scratched, kneed, and then swung a display tree branch at his head, all in self-defense, the last blow finally killing him from cranial trauma. She left him to be found in the display window from having little time to escape. When she stalled to have the envelopes mailed, she refused to say a word to detectives to keep the investigation stonewalled enough they'd know her culpability in the killing but not the robberies, but not fighting against them obtaining evidence they were warranted to collect.

Known Victims[]

  • Multiple cash register robberies (stole $10 from each regularly)
  • Richard Grossman (scratched his face, kneed his stomach and crotch, and hit his temple with a model tree branch, all in self-defense)


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