Minor Character: Miami
Alison Rena Sofer
Name Alison
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Model
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Smothering
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 attempted endangerment
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Rena Sofer
First Appearance Grave Young Men

Alison (surname unknown) is a murderer responsibly for smothering a man she was the mistress of when he was breaking off their affair. She attempted to seduce Tim Speedle away from charging her and appeared in Grave Young Men in CSI:Miami.


Alison was a model having an affair with Chuck Maxwell, despite being engaged to marry another woman. She wanted Maxwell to leave his fiancé for her, but since Maxwell kept refusing, she saved one of their trysts for when she planned to kill. To that end, she took the chance to smother him with a pillow, calling the police herself and lying saying she "just woke up next to" him lying dead, face down on the bed. As Tim Speedle was processing the crime scene, and thus her, she took off her outfit in a striptease to be enough a temptress at Speedle to distract him and throw off the case, as an addition to showing the marks she got from the rough sex in the affair. They soon identify the means of his death when a "death mask", or impression of his suffocating face, is found on the case of the pillow used in the murder. In interrogation, Alison continues to try and flirt with Speedle, even pleading for information during the investigation, which gets him "reprimanded" by his superior in the case, Detective Bernstein, when he's seemingly "falling for" her ruse. It's all the more damning she's the killer when her index fingernail charms appear on either side of the pillow where she gripped it during the smothering. When she accepts flirting doesn't work, she flatly says Maxwell suffocated "accidentally", which Speedle snaps back with how she should've accepted the affair being called off. It's then revealed he and Bernstein goaded her flirtation enough to incriminate her and make her confess, Bernstein having watched over the interrogations the whole time. As she's arrested, she sneers "I can't believe you did this to me" at Speedle, who simply replies with a flat "Yes you can" before she's walked off in cuffs. She's then incarcerated for murder and investigation tampering.

Known Victims[]

  • Chuck Maxwell (smothered to death with a pillow)
  • Tim Speedle (attempted to seduce into perjury; ultimately failed when revealed being tricked into being incriminated for an arrest)