All For Our Country
All for our Country
Season 4
Number 2
Writer Richard Catalani,
Andrew Lipsitz,
Carol Mendelsohn
Director Richard J. Lewis
Original Airdate October 2, 2003
Previous Episode: Assume Nothing
Next Episode: Homebodies

All For Our Country is the second episode in Season Four of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When the Klinefelds, suspects in a serial murder case, are themselves murdered, Grissom, Nick and Warrick suspect it's an inside job. Brass and Grissom become divided, as Brass refuses to believe a member of law enforcement is responsible. Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a football fan who is found floating in his bathtub.


Victims: Mandy Klinefeld, Cameron Klinefeld (both deceased)

On the case: Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, Jim Brass

Continuing the action from the previous episode, the Klinefelds are found shot to death in their home. While Grissom waits outside (ordered to leave the house since he doesn't carry a weapon), Brass clears the house and finds nobody else inside. Outside, Grissom spots two guys standing in front of a pickup truck across the street. Brass tells him they're undercover officers stationed there after the judge declined to sign the first warrant. Grissom wonders how the Klinefelds were murdered inside their house while undercover officers weren't too far away.

Grissom and Brass question the two undercover officers, who say they were radioed that there was an officer down nearby and went to respond. However, it was a false alarm; they were unable to locate the officer. They then drove back to the Klinefeld residence and observed no other activity until the police arrived. Grissom asks for the officers' guns; however, they only comply when Brass demands to see them. Both the officers' regular and backup guns come back clean with no bullets fired from them.

Nick and Warrick arrive on the scene, and Grissom has Nick process the inside of the house. Warrick looks at the front door and sees no signs of forced entry. Nick finds shreds of a foreign material in the carpet next to Cameron's body, but he and Grissom are unable to identify what it is right away. There are no cartridge casings next to the body, either. David Phillips takes Mandy's liver temperature and Grissom places the time of her death around 11:00 PM. Nick tells Grissom he has found blood, but has also found stains that have tested negative for blood. Grissom finds the Klinefelds' laundry room and discovers towels from The Sphere and sheets from the motel. Both look positive for the presence of blood. Warrick lifts a shoeprint from the back door, thinking the killer might've left the house that way.

The undercover officers are indifferent towards the murders, believing that whoever was responsible was doing everyone a favor. Brass tells them that this is a screw-up; however, the officers insist that the officer down four blocks away took precedence. They claim to have seen nothing else, except for a kid in the neighboring house keeping surveillance on them.

Warrick talks to the dispatcher who handled the 911 call about an officer being down. They listen to the recording, and Warrick asks for a tape of the caller's original voice and his phone number. Upon getting the number, Warrick texts it to Grissom. Grissom, still outside the Klinefeld residence, dials the number. He walks around, eventually hears the phone ringing, and finds it in the bushes of a nearby house. As he picks the phone up, he notices a large group of ants near a puddle of liquid on the sidewalk. He takes a swab of the liquid and looks around the neighborhood.

Brass talks to one of the neighbors, a mother and her son. The son, Bradley, had been watching the undercover officers, thinking they were bad guys. He tells Brass that he saw the van drive away, followed by an officer knocking on the Klinefelds' door. Cameron let the officer in, but Bradley says he never saw the officer leave. Bradley tells Grissom that he didn't see a police car, nor did he hear any gunshots. Grissom is still puzzled as to how someone beat them to the killers.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins pulls trace from Cameron Klinefeld's wound track; it's the same material that Nick found in the carpet at the crime scene. The doc points out there's an absence of gunshot residue, leading Grissom to wonder if Cameron was shot through some sort of object. They observe that Cameron was shot once through the front, while Mandy was shot once through the back.

In the lab, Nick and Warrick are going over the clear trace found in the house and Cameron's wound tract. Nick tells Warrick that the cell phone Grissom found ended up belonging to a public defender, who says she lost it. The GCMS identifies the clear trace as polyethylene, while the results from the ant puddle Grissom found came back as corn syrup, glucose, caramel and water—or soda. Gunshot residue was found on the plastic, and they put two and two together—an empty soda bottle was used as a silencer. A flashback shows the killer hiding in wait across the street from the Klinefeld house. He emptied the soda bottle, called in an "officer down" emergency, and waited for the undercover officers to leave. After the van drove away, he dropped the phone and headed to the house. The CSIs guess that their killer was sitting on the house and the surveillance team. Meanwhile, Rich the lab tech tells Warrick that the bullets fired came from a Beretta, which is consistent with being an officer's gun. However, the bullets didn't match the ones found in the undercover officers' guns.

Nick compares the treads on the officers' shoes to the print lifted from the Klinefelds' back door, but is unable to find a match. Meanwhile, Grissom and Brass are walking through the hallways arguing, with Brass mad that Grissom still suspects the undercover officers. Grissom says that the murderer knew where the Klinefelds lived, which points to an inside job. He brings up Bradley, who saw a uniformed officer at the Klinefelds' front door. Brass discredits his own witness and tells Grissom he has no evidence linking the murders to the undercover officers. With Grissom focusing on the officers, Brass wonders aloud whether Nick "opened up his mouth to another parking lot attendant." No evidence points to the undercover officers being in the house, and three other black-and-whites have confirmed that the officers responded to the "officer down" call. As they continue to argue, Greg walks in and tells him they're both needed...NOW. Greg had been sent out to canvass the neighborhood for an empty, broken soda bottle. What he came back with was a discarded police officer's uniform, complete with badge, that he found in a storm drain.

Grissom, Greg and Brass look over the uniform. Brass notes that it came from Star-1, the biggest uniform shop in town. The storm drain the uniform was found in is located in the opposite direction from the "officer down" call. Buttons on the uniform indicate that it's old, as the newer uniforms have zippers. The collar is dry despite the heat in Las Vegas; the hope is that they can get DNA from sweat on other parts of the uniform. Brass says the badge looks legitimate and leaves the room to run the badge's number.

The badge number comes back to officer David Fromansky. Grissom and Brass question him, with Fromansky telling them he lost his badge years ago and was issued a new one. Brass notes that Fromansky has some entries in his jacket, to which Fromansky says all officers do. Fromansky then belittles Grissom's work, saying that while people like him sit behind a desk, the officers are out on the street doing the work. Grissom grabs a swab as Fromansky asks for his union rep. Brass tells him that he's the union rep and forces Fromansky to give his DNA. Meanwhile, based on the 911 tape, Warrick tells Grissom that the caller (who was remarkably calm) was using Officers code, meaning he's a current or former officer.

Grissom is in his car, leaving for the night. As he's backing up, Fromansky stops him and tells him that he didn't shoot the Klinefelds. Grissom says that if this is true, the DNA evidence will back it up. Fromansky threatens Grissom by telling him that one day when the CSIs need the assistance of the police, the officers will all mysteriously hit traffic and not get to the scene in time.

Warrick gets a sample of Fromansky's voice from the dispatcher. In the A/V lab, Grissom, Warrick and Archie compare Fromansky's voice with the voice from the 9-1-1 call. The voices aren't a match—the pitch, speed and volume are all different. Archie says there's no distortion in the voice, which means that Fromansky didn't make the call. Greg enters and informs Grissom that the sweat on the uniform he found is also not a match to Fromansky.

Brass finds Grissom in the break room. Grissom apologizes to him for getting ahead of the evidence and accusing Fromansky; however, he still thinks a cop is responsible for the murders. Brass admits that Fromansky was high on his list, too. He then tells Grissom about some thugs that were arrested six or seven months prior for killing blackjack dealers on their way home from work. Due to a technicality, Judge Slater let them walk out of the courtroom. However, a short while later, the thugs were found shot to death. They appear to be looking for a vigilante, which is why Brass doesn't think a cop is involved.

Nick, who had earlier checked the density levels of the shoe print found by the Klinefeld's back door, has printed the different levels onto clear plastic. He lines the outlines up and notices that they form part of the Nevada state seal. Grissom and Brass visit the courthouse and Brass serves a warrant to Judge Slater.

The judge is incensed that Grissom and Brass have entered his chambers and accused him of murder. The warrant is to search the shoes of Judge Slater, the court clerk, Stuart Gardner, and the bailiff. The Klinefeld warrant was issued from Judge Slater's office, and these three are the only ones who had access to their personal information, including their address. Grissom checks all of their shoes and finds the imprint of the seal on the bottom of one of Stuart's shoes. A flashback shows Stuart outside of the courthouse smoking and putting out the cigarette with his shoe on top of the seal.

Brass interrogates Stuart, where it's revealed that he used to be a cop. A flashback shows Stuart, dressed in a cop's uniform, telling Cameron Klinefeld that he needed to search the premises. He then shot the Klinefelds using the soda bottle as a silencer, opened the back door with a towel to avoid leaving prints, and stepped on a newspaper as he left. Brass tells Stuart that the sweat on the uniform matched his DNA. Stuart admits to the murders because he had seen bad guys get off the hook for crimes too many times thanks to Judge Slater. Watching the interrogation from behind the glass, Warrick admits to Grissom that he's thought about taking matters into his own hands before. Warrick asks Grissom if he's thought the same, but Grissom walks away without answering.

As Grissom walks down the police station hallway, he passes Officer Fromansky. The two exchange looks, and Grissom turns around and watches Fromansky walk away. Grissom is then seen taking target practice, where it turns out that he's an excellent shot.

Victims: Daniel O'Hannissey (deceased)

On the case: Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle, Ray O'Riley

Catherine and Sara are called to another crime scene, leaving Sara disappointed that they were no longer working the Klinefeld case. They enter a house shared by college students and find that it appears to be raining inside. An officer hands the CSIs an umbrella and some rain boots, directing them to the odorous crime scene upstairs. They eventually reach the bathroom, where Det. O'Riley is standing next to a bathtub containing an incredibly bloated dead body. The victim's roommates left the house for the weekend and last saw him a few days before. When they came back, the hot water faucet was on and the victim's body was in the tub. Catherine notes that any evidence on the floor has been washed away by the overflow. It seems the only way to get the victim out of the house is through the bathroom window.

The body is removed from the window with help from an EMT backboard and a cherry picker. Catherine and Sara empty the bathtub of bodily fluids. Catherine notes that the drain hasn't been tampered with, it's just clogged; she believes they're looking at an accident. Sara looks in the medicine cabinet and doesn't find any meds or prescriptions. They do a quick recap of what they're looking at—there's no sign of a struggle and all prints have been washed away. All they have is the body.

In the lab, Sara examines the victim's shirt, which was taken from his bed. She traces an outline of what appears to be a backwards number seven. Catherine touches the smudges on the shirt and notes that it feels like grease paint or makeup. Sara wonders how the paint got on the inside of the victim's clothes, and Catherine guesses the victim was a sports fan that painted his chest.

Doc Robbins is able to identify the victim as Daniel O'Hannissey from his dental records. He had a laceration on the forehead, as well as a contusion with a small laceration below the ear that did some damage. There was no water in Daniel's lungs, which rules out drowning. The cause of death was bleeding in the brain—or a subdural hematoma. Doc Robbins states that Daniel suffered a blow to the back of the head and lived for another 12 to 24 hours before dying. However, he was in the water for much longer than that, which means Catherine and Sara will have to interview the roommates and work from there. The doc adds that Daniel probably felt fine after the blow to the head and didn't know his brain was bleeding.

Catherine and Sara talk to one of Daniel's roommates. He says that Daniel was an incredibly passionate football fan who destroyed property and was excessively loud while watching games on TV. They then talk to a waitress in a bar who last saw Daniel on Thursday night during a football game. Daniel's team was winning and he decided to rub it in the faces of fans of the other team by ordering them Shirley Temples. This led to a shoving match that quickly ended. The waitress tells Catherine and Sara that some of the "Shirley Temples" are in the bar at that moment.

In interrogation, Catherine, Sara and Det. O'Riley speak to Wayne, one of the "Shirley Temple" guys. Wayne admits to getting into a physical altercation with Daniel, but says that Daniel was alive when they all left the bar. Catherine notices that Wayne is wearing a ring on hit right thumb and asks to borrow it. Wayne gives her the ring and continues to claim his innocence. Det. O'Riley tells Wayne that he isn't under arrest and that he's free to go.

Catherine examines the ring, which is in the shape of a shark. She notices that the fin of the shark is bent because it had hit something. A flashback shows Wayne sucker-punching Daniel in the back of the head at the bar, causing the ring to bend and Daniel's brain to start bleeding. Catherine and Sara go to the bar and have Wayne arrested for murder.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • John Doman as Judge Slater
  • David Andrews as Officer David Fromansky
  • Scott Alan Smith as Stuart Gardner
  • Paul Francis as Rich
  • Marisol Nichols as Jane, 911 Dispatcher
  • Lombardo Boyar as Jesse Commons
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Bill Nowlins
  • Archie Kao as Archie Johnson
  • Skip O'Brien as Detective Sergeant Ray O'Riley
  • Blake Shields as Wayne
  • Patrice Fisher as Sports Bar Waitress
  • Andrew Leeds as Tom Bell
  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Patrick Stogner as Bradley Small
  • Sandra Hess as Mandy Klinefeld
  • Brandon Kirsch as Officer Almada
  • Nate Torrence as Daniel O'Hannissey
  • Dan Chase as College Football Fan (uncredited)
  • Rudolf Martin as Cameron Klinefeld (uncredited)

Episode Title[]

  • "All For Our Country" is the state motto of Nevada. It was imprinted on a seal in front of the Clark County Courthouse, where clerk Stuart Gardner took his cigarette breaks. He was identified as the murderer thanks to a part of the seal being imprinted on his shoe, as he would put his cigarettes out with his shoe while standing on the seal.


  • Get the Message by Electronic


  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played one of the undercover officers, also played Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, John Winchester on Supernatural, and Negan on The Walking Dead.
  • This is the first and one of the few episodes where the first scene before the intro is a continuation of the last scene of the previous episode.

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