Minor Character: Miami
Name Alonzo Santoya
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Elite Poker Robber
Pathology Robber
Modus Operandi Robbery
Pistol-whipping (once)
No. of Victims 10 robbed
1 assaulted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jack Guzman
First Appearance Sinner Takes All

Alonzo Santoya aka The Devil is a serial high-stakes poker robber and single-time assailant appearing in Sinner Takes All in CSI:Miami.


Little is know about Santoya, except that he robbed nine high-stakes poker tournaments, always wearing a devil mask to conceal his identity. One time, when a contestant named Kevin Boyles tried to take some cash for himself, Santoya knocked him out with his automatic weapon, causing lasting damage from a hemorrhage in his brain and his mother, Evelyn, paying her way into various elite games to find and kill Santoya herself out of revenge, even by selling the mortgage on her home. Santoya soon got a call from Isaiah Stiles, a disgraced, struggling rapper, who wanted to offer a game he was going to as Santoya's next robbery, even scoring the glass of a thick, high window for the very purpose of Santoya breaking in. Little did Santoya know that he was being set up for murder as well, as Stiles hired ex-bodyguard and gangster Carl Raines to kill movie producer Benjamin Paxton, who dropped Stiles from his project and ruined his career with slander, setting Paxto up for the game and assuming Santoya would be framed by that being lost with the rest of the ballistics. It all went accordingly, Santoya crashing through the window on a rope and shooting randomly, deliberately missing everyone, to make then get down while he grabbed the game's cash. He was also suspected of the murder once hat was realized amidst all the destruction and debris as well. Santoya later covered himself by appearing with the crowd gathering behind the police tape as a civilian interested in the case, asking questions like "Is this another robbery?" and "Did someone die in there?", holding up his smartphone to take pictures and video. Eventually, when Stiles is found out, so is he. He's immediately tracked and arrested, Walter Simmons shocked to recognize him from the crowds. As he's being escorted into the precinct, he passes Evelyn Boyles, who slaps him and starts insulting him for what he did to her son. He's then incarcerated with the evidence against him.

Modus Operandi[]

Santoya breached the poker games however he could get access. Once he was inside, he fired a TEC-10 automatic rifle at random, deliberately missing everyone, simply to make them get down. Disguised in all black clothes and a devil's mask to conceal his identity, he'd grab as much cash as he could and run. In at least one of his robberies, he posed as an excited bystander in the crowd, asking questions and taking pictures as a distraction. When he knocked out Kevin Boyles, he pistol-whipped him unconscious, but hard enough to disable him from lasting damage due to a brain hemorrhage.

Known Victims[]

  • Ten elite poker games (all robbed)
  • Kevin Boyles (pistol-whipped unconscious, causing a severe hemorrhage)
  • Numerous identified and unidentified people (shot at, but deliberately missed)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Isaiah Stiles (scored the window glass so Santoya could break in; secretly betrayed and framed for murder by him)