And Then There Were None
Season 2
Number 9
Writer Josh Berman,
Eli Talbert,
Carol Mendelsohn
Director John Patterson
Original Airdate November 22, 2001
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And Then There Were None is the ninth episode in Season Two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Grissom, Nick and Warrick investigate when three men dressed as women rob a casino. Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara are sent to investigate a murder at a remote convenience store. They soon discover the two cases are related and more bodies start turning up.


Victims: Multiple victims (injured/deceased)

On the case: Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes, Warrick Brown, Jim Brass


Victim: Dustin Bale (deceased)

On the case: Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle

During a busy night in a casino, security guards go around collecting money. Suddenly, three women enter and start shooting, with one shooting down a chandelier. When the chaos ends, five security guards are dead, as well as one of the shooters. The other two shooters stole the lock boxes from the rolling cage near the high stakes tables and got away with $250,000. Brass leads Grissom to the dead shooter, where Grissom removes the victim's wig and reveals the assailant to be male.

Warrick finds a shell casing from a .45, while Brass informs Grissom that there was a robbery with a similar M.O. a month ago in Laughlin. Grissom guesses that the Laughlin robbery was a practice round. They interview manager Max Duncan, who claims he hit the deck once the chandelier was shot. This gives Grissom a starting point to investigate—the chandelier falls, distracting the guards enough for them to be shot. During the chaos, the money is stolen and taken out the exit away from the action.

Brass interviews 17 people and finds that nobody's story is the same. Outside, a valet tells Nick that a beat-up beige car was parked with it's hazards on. Before he could call for a tow, the car sped away. Nick finds brown transmission fluid in the spot, which he notes as odd.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins informs Grissom that the cross-dressing victim has been identified as Adam Brower. He was shot in the back at close range with .45-caliber hollow point bullet, which mushroomed on impact and caused major internal damage. Since the security guards at the casino had 9mm guns, Grissom surmises that Adam might've been shot by one of his accomplices.

Warrick goes over the casino surveillance footage and finds when the suspects—labeled as Red, Blue, and Black (based on clothing)—entered and started shooting. While Blue and Red took out the guards and their rolling cage, Black shot down the chandelier. Blue is determined to be the deceased, Adam Brower. Grissom has Warrick zoom in on Red, and the two clearly see that he's a man dressed as a woman. Upon zooming in on Black, however, they see no Adam's apple nor beard stubble. Black is a woman dressed as a woman among men dressed as women...quite a disguise.

Nick gets the results back on the transmission fluid he found and comes to the conclusion that the wrong fluid was put in the vehicle. This caused the engine to overheat and the vehicle to lose its second gear, meaning it probably didn't get very far after the heist and was dumped somewhere. Warrick and Brass search Adam's apartment, and Warrick bags Adam's clothes thinking they may tell where he was before the heist. Brass opens a closet and finds wigs and bras on the closet floor, which are also bagged as evidence.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara drive 75 miles out of town to a shooting in a convenience store in Cal-Nev-Ari, a remote town of 20 people. Before taking off, officer William Spencer lets Catherine and Sara know that the victim is behind the counter with the cash register emptied. He also reassures the CSIs that he didn't touch anything at the scene.

Catherine and Sara find shreds of potato on the floor, which means the potato was likely used a silencer. Sara notes that the last paying customer was eight hours ago, but that the body had just been discovered. It's possible the assailant flipped the "Open" sign to "Closed." Catherine spots a surveillance camera; however, when Sara disconnects it and removes it, she discovers that it's a fake—a nine-volt battery attached to a blinking light.

Catherine is able to find fingerprints on the cardboard Open/Closed sign, while Sara, guessing that the suspect hopped the counter to steal the money, is able to electrostatically lift footprints from the counter. They theorize that the killer entered the store, shot the clerk using a potato as a silencer, hopped over the counter to steal the money, and flipped the Open/Closed sign on his way out. Based on the small shoe prints, the CSIs deduce that the suspect could be a minor.

In the lab, Sara discovers that the shoe prints found on the convenience store counter belong to a female wearing size five shoes. Catherine, meanwhile, discovers that one of the prints lifted from the Open/Closed sign came back to officer Spencer, who had earlier denied contaminating the scene. A print from the register comes back to Tammy Felton, the girl who tried to play Catherine a year earlier. Catherine tells Sara that Tammy uses people and that she certainly didn't act alone.

While Catherine lets Grissom know that Tammy Felton has returned, Greg summons Grissom to the lab with Catherine in tow. Greg says that he found traces of potato on the bullet that killed Adam Brower, with Catherine noting that a potato was used in the convenience store robbery. Sara interrupts and says that a fingerprint was lifted from the store's doorknob belonging to Darin Hanson, an old acquaintance of Tammy's father. Catherine notes that Tammy and Darin are running together like Bonnie and Clyde.

Bobby Dawson confirms that the bullet pulled from Adam Brower and the bullet pulled from the convenience store clerk came from the same gun, proving that the crimes are related. Nick relays that they found an abandoned vehicle off of I-93 that matches the description of the one that left the casino. When they get to the scene, Nick and Brass notice a single tire tread a short distance away, meaning the getaway vehicle was a type of motorbike. Catherine and Grissom look over the car and find minimal damage, indicating that it was dumped. They get the trunk opened and find a surprise inside—the body of Tammy Felton.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins finds signs that Tammy was asphyxiated. Catherine enters and correctly guesses that Tammy didn't put up a fight. When asked how she knows this, she replies that Tammy was killed by the one person in her life she trusted—Darin Hanson. A swab of Tammy's neck is affirmative for epithelals, and Catherine offers to run them against Darin's DNA. Doc Robbins says he called Tammy's parents with the news and that they sounded oddly relieved, with Catherine noting that they finally know where Tammy is.

When searching the car, Warrick finds dust that's similar to what was also found on Adam Brower's clothes; Greg runs a test and finds that it's silica dust. Grissom notes that there's an abandoned silica mine outside of Cal-Nev-Ari, and he, Nick and Warrick head there along with several police cars. Grissom spots a motorbike outside of a port-a-john and recalls that there were bike tracks at the dump site. When he opens the door, Darin Hanson is found shot execution-style. Nick finds a .45 caliber shell casing on the ground nearby, and Grissom notes that they are now out of suspects.

The whole team sans Warrick runs down the case again, with Grissom concluding that Darin was the only one in the position to shoot Adam in the casino. Catherine confirms that Darin also strangled Tammy, as his epithelials were found around her neck. It seems like Darin wanted the whole score to himself, but who shot him? And why did they rob a convenience store for a few hundred dollars before stealing much more from a casino? There are more questions than answers at this point.

Warrick arrives saying he got off the phone with the Laughlin CSI assigned to the casino robbery case the month before. That CSI claims there were four robbers in the casino, not three. When Warrick goes through the surveillance videos again, he and the rest of the team notice that the pit boss, Max Duncan, ducked for cover before Tammy even drew her gun and fired at the chandelier. It turns out that Max was also working in the Laughlin casino at the time it was robbed; the team has found its mole. Brass arrests Max at his home while he's packing his car to make an escape, and Catherine notices silica dust on Max's car.

Under interrogation, Max admits to helping the group plan the heist. Despite silica dust on his car, however, he denies killing Darin. He claims that he went to the mine to collect his money, but Darin was already dead when he got there. Catherine informs Max that all parties are guilty of murder when it occurs during a felony; Darin killed Adam, but Max might as well have pulled the trigger himself. Max's attorney tries to make deal, but when Max can't identify who shot Darin, the deal is off the table. He remarks that he only met Darin, not the "other three," confirming that there was fourth person involved, just like with the Laughlin heist. There's still another player out there with a .45 caliber gun and a lot of cash.

In the A/V lab, Archie is going over the still photos from the Laughlin heist. He's able to break down the photo of the unknown suspect into segments and rebuild it. After the photo is rebuilt, Sara recognizes the unknown suspect as the clerk from the convenience store. She surmises that the clerk was shot way before the casino heist and the money was stolen to make it look like a robbery. The question of who shot Darin is still a mystery.

Catherine and Nick visit Bobby Dawson with the bullet taken from Darin's head. Bobby confirms that it is a .45 caliber bullet, but due to the grooves on the bullet, he determines it was fired from a polygonal barrel. He's able to narrow the gun down to a Heckler & Koch. The ATF database reports that there are only 18 of that type of gun registered in the state of Nevada, with ten of them registered in Clark County and seven of those still in circulation. Catherine is familiar with a name on the list: Officer William Spencer.

As they place him under arrest, Catherine gives her summation: Officer Spencer was driving on his daily route when he heard the gun fire with the potato silencer. Upon entering the convenience store, he saw Darin and Tammy robbing it. Instead of arresting them, Tammy bribed Officer Spencer with some of the stolen cash. When he wanted more, Darin told him that it would hold him over until the next day. The officer's prints were on the Open/Closed sign because he was the one that flipped it when they all left the crime scene.

Catherine notices silica dust on Officer Spencer's shoes. Grissom asks him if he patrols Cal-Nev-Ari, but the officer replies that it's out of his jurisdiction. However, it's clear he was at the mine and is the one who shot Darin. Grissom tells Brass to hit the lights and finds a trail of silica dust leading to Officer Spencer's locker. In the locker's false bottom is the duffel bag with $250,000. When confronted, the officer says it was more money than he would ever have in a lifetime. Tired of being the guy not catching any breaks, he took action.

Grissom notes that a career cop had a price to turn bad, to which Catherine wryly replies "we all do." This is met with a look of surprise and concern from Grissom.


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Major Events[]

  • This is the second and last appearance of Brigid Brannagh and Larry Holden as Tammy Felton and Darin Hanson respectively.

Episode Title[]

  • "And Then There Were None" is likely a reference to the Agatha Christie novel of the same name. It refers to the investigation of the robbery at the Tower Club Casino, in which at one point all of the suspects have been found dead. 


  • We Luv You by Grand Theft Audio

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