Minor Character: Miami
Name Andy Kelso
Rob Harris
Dennis West
Gender All Male
City Miami
Pathology Killing Team
Rapist (Kelso)
Modus Operandi Crushing
Animal attack
No. of Victims 3 killed
1 raped
Status Incarcerated (Kelso; Harris)
Deceased (West)
Portrayed By Scott Holroyd (Kelso)
Trey Alexander (Harris)
Matt Biedel (West)
First Appearance A Grizzly Murder

Andy Kelso, Rob Harris, and Dennis West are a trio of killers committing murder after murder to cover up their crimes.


Kelso raped and murdered a prostitute named Tess Gowan, a friend of Anna Sivarro who filled in for her shift, then panicked and had Harris and West help clean up the crime scene. West stabbed Rocco, Gowan's bodyguard, five times before throwing his corpse away. West was ready to turn the three in under duress, so Kelso and Harris made a plan while the three were out hunting in the Everglades.

Slathering West's vest with bear lure, a bear was provoked to maul him to death. The CSIs found traces of the lure and realized the murder. In the three's hotel room, Rocco's blood is found under a tile and Sivarro's iPod, lent to Gowan the day she was murdered, is also there. Kelso and Harris try to flee with bloody evidence in a cooler, but both are taken into custody. Back at the hunting site, Gowan's corpse is found.

The killings are quickly tied to the three men when Andy's semen is found in Gowan's mouth, West's vest feather is on Rocco' corpse, and with the motive, the team quickly gets the two remaining killers to confess. Kelso tries to say Gowan's death "was an accident", but she died from being sat on, so there's no consideration to that account.

Kelso and Harris are arrested and imprisoned for various murder and conspiracy charges. (CSI:Miami "A Grizzly Murder")

Known Victims[]

  • Tess McGowan (raped and sat on til she suffocated by Kelso)
  • Rocco (stabbed five times by West)
  • Dennis West (vest smeared with bear lure by Kelso and Harris, causing a bear to maul West)


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