Minor Character: Miami
Anna Sivarro
Name Anna Sivarro
Gender Female
Family Nicholas Bennett (son)
City Miami
Occupation Prostitute
Pathology Prostitute
Status Alive
Portrayed By Paula Garces
First Appearance A Grizzly Murder

Anna Sivarro is a Latina prostitute and recurring character and acquaintance of Horatio Caine in Season 5 of CSI:Miami.


Sivarro is a prostitute struggling to make a living and having high-class clients, along with her friend in the business, Tess Gowen, who keeps a black book of all their names for insurance if anything goes wrong. One client, Karl Bennett, got her pregnant, and she gave birth to a boy named Nicholas. He was placed in Karl's custody despite Sivarro loving and wanting to be in touch with her son. She was obligated by the courts to pay child alimony, which could only come from her sex work industry. Politician Scott O'Shay found out about this and saw a chance for more illicit money in his underhanded practices for kickbacks. Sivarro was paid enough to support Nicholas by O'Shay once she was employed to assist in laundering, as well as paid for regular sexual services, the money always being used as blackmail over her. Gowen would face her own trouble when she would be raped and killed by an sexually sadistic, adrenal client, the client and two dude friends covering it up.

Season 5[]

A Grizzly Murder[]

When one of the friends is killed by a bear after being smeared with lure to shut him up, Sivarro is interrogated when Gowen's iPod is found, with Sivarro having purchased the songs. She stonewalls them with enough of a smug front, denying she was even in the room, offering her DNA. She later comes up when Gowen's murder case is tracked to the strip club the two women work at. Sivarro is once again questioned, and she identifies Gowen, in tears over losing her friend. She expresses her grief over how Gowen did Sivarro a favor in filling in for her, regretting she died on Sivarro's shift. That's when she reveals the dead friend killed the strip club bodyguard and hauled his corpse out, scared to tell for her own safety. When it gets to the owner, Joe Mazarro, Mazarro pimps Sivarro out to O'Shay, the politician threatening to cause damage if it gets out. O'Shay's arrested regardless, Sivarro taken away for her own protective custody. After the two remaining killers are both arrested, Horatio Caine consoles her with Gowen's justice in the arrest of the guilty parties, giving her his own munber to call him on if she's in trouble. Caine then demands O'Shay stay away from her.


Sivarro later calls Caine in tears, saying "something terrible has happened". She's found on the beach hiding behind several umbrellas, her clothes stained in blood. Caine goes into the room she was in and finds her latest client, Doug Lansing, stabbed and scalped. She's taken back to the lab, photographed, and her clothes processed. She's exonerated as the killer when, according to her witness statement, she passed out from being drugged and blood spatter confirms when it pooled toward her clothes. When Lansing's tied to O'Shay with a campaign button and it's found the two've embezzled from indigenous tribe casinos, Sivarro admits to her role in the laundering. She's horrified to go home and find her home has been ransacked, Gowen's black book stolen from the drawer it was in. The team arrest the burglar, but he doesn't give up O'Shay as the employer. When going through the available pages and find Bennett's name, Caine finds out about her son, and Sivarro tearfully confesses the laundering is how she can afford child support. When Lansing's killer is finally apprehended, Caine sees Sivarro on a boardwalk one last time. While she's emotional, Caine encourages her to find other ways to get her life and do what she can to support her son, promising to keep O'Shay away from her, which she agrees would be wonderful.