Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Arthur Blisterman
Alias The Mannequin Killer
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Plumbing contractor
Pathology Serial Killer
No. of Victims 5 killed
1 attempted
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Ritchie Coster
First Appearance Art Imitates Life

"I have been alone my entire life. I have tried and tried to achieve some recognition for my work, and I have been repeatedly and cruelly ignored, and this has made me feel very...bad about myself."

Arthur Blisterman was a serial killer also known as "The Mannequin Killer" who appeared in Season Nine of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Little about Blisterman's early life is known, but he attempted to become a famous artist, only for his works to be turned down by professionals. Some time prior to Art Imitates Life, he tried to take part in a sculpture contest for which he made a series of sketches, but he was apparently rejected.

Season Nine[]

Art Imitates Life[]

This gradually drove him to snap and kill Carla Peretti, later posing her corpse next to a street pole, where her body is discovered by a jogger, who initially assumes she is still alive as she was still standing. After killing a drug addict and a homeless man and posing their corpses to make them look as if they were still alive, the CSI team realizes that a serial killer is on the loose. Blisterman later kills a couple, whose corpses are discovered by a birdwatcher. It is then discovered that he posted sketches of his victims, as well as potential ones, on an online blog, which is discovered by Riley, who spots the only sketch of a potential victim: a young boy riding on a bicycle. Through information given down by another artist, Jerzy Skaggs, the team finds Blisterman, but not before a young bicyclist goes missing, forcing Grissom to question him. Blisterman calmly tells the location of the boy before asking the team to let him die, as he feels his "art" will go unappreciated if they do otherwise. The team refuses to accept the offer and rescues the boy from death.

Modus Operandi[]

Blisterman targeted mostly random people and used a homemade gas chamber filled with carbon monoxide to kill them, drugging them with zolpidem beforehand to knock them out and suspending them to keep them in the positions he wanted them to be in. After the gas had killed them and froze them in full rigor, Blisterman would place them in public locations. He based their poses on a series of sketches he drew prior to his killings.

Known Victims[]

  • 2008:
    • October 22: Carla Peretti (found in a nurse uniform)
    • October 23: Harley Soon (found in a runner's outfit)
    • October 24: Unnamed homeless man (found in a business suit)
    • October 25: An unnamed elderly couple (found in their own clothing)
    • October 26: Charlie (abducted and attempted to kill; was rescued)


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