Minor Character: Miami
Name Arthur Martinez
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Drug manufacturer
Pathology Drug Dealer
Attempted Murderer
Modus Operandi Marijuana dipped in GHB and methadone
No. of Victims 1+ attempted
Status Incarcerated
First Appearance Reality Kills

Arthur Martinez is a drug dealer and proxy poisoner appearing in Reality Kills in CSI:Miami.


Martinez ran a drug operation in Miami involving passing around marijuana mixed with methadone with GHB which was extremely critical in its dosages. Giving them to eager dealer like Gabe Calligan, they'd be passed around in the usual hot spots, but one customer, Tyler Wilson, fell into a coma and was declining worse and worse on life support with only hours to live. When his older brother, Dan, punched Calligan from giving him the drugs and nearly got arrested for assault, Dan revealed the predicament. Pressing Calligan, they find he bought them off Hannah Beckstrom, who bought dealt it off Martinez. Frank Tripp and Horatio Caine arrive at Martinez' club, and seeing dust coming from the ceiling, to Martinez' shock, Caine grabs a SWAT assault rifle and fires at the roof, cause the drugs to poor out. Martinez is arrested and incarcerated, Calligan being released and losing his publicity while Tyler's life is saved once the drugs are tested and the right treatment is given to him.

Known Victims[]

  • Tyler Wilson (barely survived; poisoned with weed laced with methadone and GHB Martinez gave to Calligan)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Gabe Calligan (drug dealer)
  • Hannah Beckstrom (drug dealer)