Ashes to Ashes
Season 1
Number 5
Writer Mark Israel
Director Bryan Spicer
Original Airdate October 21, 2002
Previous Episode: Just One Kiss
Next Episode: Broken

Ashes to Ashes is the fifth episode in Season One of CSI: Miami.


When a priest is found dead in his rectory after being brutally shot, Megan, Calleigh and Speedle must untangle a messy web of familial issues that lead to his death. Elsewhere, Horatio and Eric attempt to solve the emotional case of an exploded vehicle, which was home to a mother with child.


One of Father Carlos young parishioners confessed to him he had killed his own abusive father months before, when the boy's mother discovered this she killed the priest when he refused to hide the truth, so she wouldn't lose her son.

In the second case Horatio investigates when a pregnant woman dies after a car crash, while it's initially thought as an accident evidence later proves it's murder. Although the team tracks down the father of the child, the likely suspect, there is no evidence. However before the man leaves Horatio shows him a digitally created photo of his unborn child and promises he will keep trying until he's able to arrest him.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Wanda De Jesús as Adelle Sevilla
  • Bernard White as Father Carlos
  • Raja Fenske as Cameron Medina
  • Ruth Zalduondo as Iris Medina
  • Al White as Mr. Jones
  • Mark Siverstsen as Jeffrey Douglas
  • Johnny Michaels as Emilio Medina
  • Marina Gonzales Palmier as Rebecca Montero
  • Marcia Jeffries as Ms. Clara Denize
  • Lisa Arning as Lisa Valdez
  • Celina Belizan as Elizabeth

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