Astro Quest is a 1960's science-fiction TV series.


Astro Quest is highly similar to real-life sci-fi series Star Trek and features similar settings, characters, catch phrases, etc. In A Space Oddity, a fan of Astro Quest (called "questers") named Jonathan Danson screened a preview of an Astro Quest remake titled Astro Quest: Redux at a convention (called the "Whatifitcon"). It was very negatively received by the crowd due to its violent content and realism compared to the original series. The next day, Jonathan was found dead at a replica of a starship bridge at the convention.

Hodges and Wendy, both questers, were there at the the time of discovery and called it into CSI. Throughout the episode, there were hints of a potential romance between them which so far hasn't led anywhere. Hodges even once recited a phrase to her that she would translate into: "We were made for each other."

Known episodes[]

"The Slavers of Sirenodon" - upon seeing a "compliance yoke" being processed as evidence, Hodges and Wendy tell Mandy about its use in the episode. The commander and his crew were forced into hard labor by the "disembodied" leader of foreign planet. The leaders made everyone wear the yokes around their necks, and failure to follow orders would lead to being zapped with a paralyzing pain.

"Yesterday is Tomorrow" - According to Hodges, a time travel trilogy from season 4. The title is likely a reference to "Tomorrow is Yesterday", an episode from the first season of Star Trek that also involved time travel.

"A Dallop of Apocalypse" - According to Langston, it features a planet where a race of amphibians are the dominant species and worship Peyton Place as a sacred text. The title is probably a reference to "A Taste of Armageddon", an episode from the first season of Star Trek.

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  • As mentioned earlier, Astro Quest is obviously heavily based on Star Trek. Like Star Trek, it takes place in the future and features a crew aboard a starship exploring space. It also features a hostile alien race (Klingons in Star Trek, Vellikons in Astro Quest), a fictional language (Klingon in Star Trek, Vellikon in Astro Quest), a doctor with a famous catchphrase (Dr. McCoy's "I'm a doctor, not a ___" in Star Trek vs. Corpsman Scully's "I'm not a ___, I'm a doctor/corpsman, dammit!" in Astro Quest) and environments similar to Star Trek's.
  • The episode "The Slavers of Sirenodon" is a homage to the Star Trek original series episode "Gamesters of Triskelion", with Hodges playing the equivalent of James Kirk and Simms playing the equivalent of Shahna the slave girl.
  • Similarly, the unnamed episode featuring Simms as a dancer tempting Hodges is a homage to the Star Trek original series episode The Cage, with Simms playing Vina the Orion slave girl.
  • At the end of the episode, when Wendy translates the Vellikon that Hodges spoke earlier, the written language is actually Star Wars Galactic Basic. The text that shows up in the text box is a substitution translation of the phrase Wendy typed in, except the last character is an "s" instead of a "-".