At Risk
At Risk
Season 10
Number 17
Writer Adam Rodríguez
Director Adam Rodríguez
Original Airdate March 18, 2012
Previous Episode: Rest In Pieces
Next Episode: Law and Disorder

At Risk is the seventeenth episode in Season Ten of CSI: Miami.


While investigating the death of a groundskeeper at a prestigious tennis academy, the team uncovers evidence that the academy's main teacher is a child molester.


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Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Christian Clemenson as Tom Loman
  • Taylor Cole as Samantha Owens
  • Ty Panitz as Austin North
  • Matthew Glave as Coach Larry Hopper
  • Travis Caldwell as Andrew Kingman
  • Rebecca Lowman as Brenda Livingston
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Mason Torres
  • Stephan Smith Collins as Darrell Templeton
  • Aml Ameen as Jack Brody
  • Christopher Darga as Ross Hemmet
  • Jodi Harris as Janice Wells
  • Aidan Andrews as Robbie Wells
  • Dawnn Lewis as Stacy McNamara
  • Keith Worley as MDPD Officer
  • Quinton Lopez as Young William Diaz


  • The case is based on real life pedophile Jerry Sandusky, a former well respected assistant coach from Penn-State responsible for raping, molesting, and sexually exploiting boys under his supervision. Hopper's murder appears to be based on the murder of Jeff Doucet, a karate instructor and pedophile, by Gary Plauche, the father of Jody Plauche, a boy who was raped, molested, and kidnapped by Doucet, before Gary shot Doucet just as he was arrested.

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