Minor Character: Miami
Austin North
Name Austin North
Gender Male
Birth Date October 11, 2002
Family Patty North (sister)
Calleigh Duquesne (adoptive mother)
Kenwall Duquesne (adoptive grandfather)
Randy North (father; incarcerated)
City Miami
Status Alive
Portrayed By Maxim Knight (9x22-10x1)
Ty Panitz (10x17-10x19)
First Appearance Mayday

Austin North is the older brother of Patty North and adoptive son of Calleigh Duquesne. Randy North is the biological father of Austin and Patty.

Season Nine[]


Austin is first introduced in the season nine finale, where his father, Randy North is fighting for custody for him and his sister, Patty. Randy had assisted a known felon, Jack Toller, and had lost custody of his kids as a result. Austin and Patty were placed in foster care and were separated which drove Randy over the edge and forced him to try and kill Horatio and Natalia.

Season Ten[]


Austin helped Horatio and his team catch Randy, by calling his father and luring him to the beach were he was captured by Horatio and incarcerated for attempted murder. Randy tried to redeem himself and help the police by capturing Jack, but he failed and was sent to prison.

Calleigh told Austin that everyone worked really hard and they managed to find a place that was ready to take both Austin and Patty. Austin asked her if he and Patty could live with her instead. But Calleigh had to decline, saying she had a very important job that demanded a lot from her, sometimes too much.

Austin and Patty were reunited at the end of the episode where they were both sent to a foster care place that was ready to take the both of them.

At Risk[]

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Habeas Corpse[]

In the series finale Calleigh had adopted both Austin and Patty with a little help from Eric Delko, who had put in a good word for her.


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