Beatriz Salazar is a drug kingpin and the primary antagonist in the CSI game CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.


Salazar was the leader of an international drug cartel based in Mexico. According to the FBI's theory, she was picked up from the streets of Mexico City by the cartel's original leader, Umberto Salazar, while working as a prostitute. After his death by her hands on September 5, 1982 in Miami, she took over the business. She came to be known as "La Reina de la Colmena", or "The Queen of the Hive". At one point, she gave birth to a son, but got the hospital to cover it up as a stillbirth and had him secretly adopted away. Posing as a legitimate businesswoman, she funded a great deal of charity work in rural areas of Mexico, getting herself a number of new members of her syndicate who felt indebted to her in the process.

Known Accomplices[]

  • Pedro "Pete" Baxa (did money laundering for her)
  • Sergeant Timothy "Tim" Lipp (provided her with information)
  • Manuel Gamos
  • Special Agent Gene Huntby

Known Victims[]

  • September 5, 1982: Umberto Salazar (her husband; bashed to death with a statue of St. Ambrose)
  • Will Rice (her son; strangled)
  • Special Agent Gene Huntby (stung to death by bees)
  • Manuel Molinez (shot in the heart and head with a .22)