Minor Character: Miami
Belle king
Name Belle King
Gender Female
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Unnamed sister
City Miami
Occupation Enviornmental Lawyer
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Karen Sillas
First Appearance Dead Woman Walking

"Did you know Horatio was the first CSI? …In Hamlet. When Hamlet was poisoned and dying, he asked his best friend Horatio to tell the world who murdered him."

Belle King, who was an environmental lawyer, is poisoned with a radioactive isotope and has only one week left to help the CSI team find her murderer.


King had helped the Carver family win a case for $200,000 against the power company, however, Sam Carver insists that she "held out for more money", and that, because of this, they could not move somewhere for their eldest son to spend his final days.

Season One[]

Dead Woman Walking[]

King is initially approached by the CSIs as a suspect in a murder investigation, however, soon after they enter her house, radiation is detected on her. King is examined by a doctor, who explains to Horatio Caine that she's ingested Iodine-131, roughly the amount taken by four patients over a six-month period. King is estimated to only have a week left to live.

When searching for enemies that might want to harm her, it is brought to light that King is filing a lawsuit against Risher Pharmaceuticals for contaminating the groundwater, affecting one thousand homeowners. King asked for $128 million. Further investigation into Risher Pharmaceuticals reveals that King has an inside source supplying her with information against Risher. However, she refuses to give up her source, as it will make the evidence she has gathered insubmissible, and she is determined to help the people Risher hurt, claiming that she is only one victim, and that Risher has hurt so many more.

It is discovered that her informant is Parker Boyd, who was infatuated with King, which she used to her advantage. Having realized that King was using him, Boyd poisoned her, hoping that if she were dead, he would be able to forget about her. Horatio visited Belle and told her they had her killer, then a few minutes later, she passed away.


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