Minor Character: Miami
Name Ben Tavarez
Gender Male
Family Gilberto Tavarez (father)
Camille Tavarez (sister)
Jesse Tavarez (brother; deceased)
City Miami
Pathology Accidental murderer
Modus Operandi Shooting
Portrayed By JR Villarreal
First Appearance No Man's Land

Ben Tavarez is an accidental murderer appearing in No Man's Land in CSI:Miami.


Ben and his brother Jesse were raised by their sister, Camille, because their father Gilberto was in prison. He got out around the time Ben discovered a handgun in his trash bin, not far from a blown up weapons truck where the guards were killed. Ben was excited to test it out for his own fun, so he brought it up to his own room to mess with it. After carefully handling it in his hand to get a steady grip, he fired a shot into his wall. Tragically, the bullet went through the wall and outside, hitting Jesse in the chest and killing him almost instantly. Ben was horrified and devastated, but despite his guilt, he hid the hole in a wall with a box out of fear he'd go to jail.

Gilberto was suspected since he recently got out fo jail, but he fled the gunshot when he heard it while he was looking for Camille at the house. The trajectory was traced with a laser to the house, into Ben's bedroom. When the hole was revealed, Ben somberly and remorsefully confessed to the manslaughter of his brother. Wolfe said because he was still a child and the shooting was accidental, they wouldn't care to charge him, but Ben said it didn't matter since his brother was dead by Ben's responsibility. It's unknown what legal fate Ben faced in the end.

Known Victims[]

  • Jesse Tavarez (shot in the chest by accident with a bullet through an outside wall from a gun in the trash bin)