Minor Character: New York
Frederick Koehler CSI NY Creatures of the Night
Name Billy Rendish
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Groundskeeper
Pathology Rapist
Modus Operandi Beating and rape
No. of Victims 1 assaulted
1 raped
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Fred Koehler

Billy Rendish is a brutal rapist who appeared in Season One of CSI: NY.


Robin Prescott stumbles into the hotel she's supposed to meet her father in at a party. She's been beaten and raped, so she's swiftly rushed to the hospital. She's determined to have stumbled out of Central park, and Robin can't remember and is in too much shock to talk. But a peony leaf on her clothes reveals where she was beaten and raped: Strawberry Fields.

At the scene, a steak marinated in mud and a nose ring are found, along with work boot prints. At Ramon's steakhouse, the manager points the CSIs to Donovan Tracey, an employee whose missing his nose ring. He's arrested when he tries to run, but all he confesses to is stealing her purse, when Robin ripped out his nose ring. Robin remembers from that night she got into a cab, but then got out because of traffic and walked through Central park to get home, her father refusing to believe in her tenacity even then.

No DNA in the semen proves to be a nightmare for the CSIs clinching the rapist with hard evidence. Linolenic acid is found on Robin's clothes. Since it's used for statue cleaning, they're looking for a groundskeeper. The cleaners are exonerated, so she goes back to the park. Seeing a patch of flowers, she realizes the rapist works in gardening. This leads to Billy Rendish, who protests his innocence. He gives a sperm sample and his clothes while in custody "to prove this".

His semen has no sperm, but he's not conclusively linked to Robin's rape. Robin refuses a line-up, so going over both Robin's and Rendish's clothes, and the same sample of tree sap was transferred from Rendish's clothes to Robin's when he beat and raped her. When Rendish is confronted he's in shock, but Stella Bonasera gloats "Gotcha" and has Rendish arrested and imprisoned for rape and battery.

Known Victims[]

  • Robin Prescott (beaten and raped)


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