Bit by Bit
Season 1
Number 12
Writer Thomas Hoppe
Director Aaron Lipstadt
Original Airdate May 13, 2015
Previous Episode: Ghost in the Machine
Next Episode: Family Secrets

Bit by Bit is the twelfth episode in season one of CSI: Cyber.


The cyber team investigate when a power outage in Detroit is used to mask a jewelry story robbery-homicide in which the jewels were not the target.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tony Amendola as Ellis Christos
  • Brandon Barash as Stephen Christos
  • Neil Brown Jr. as Local Detective
  • Robin Karfo as Tabitha Chistos
  • Lucas Kerr as Henry Spitz
  • Blake Shields as Jeremy Spitz
  • Frank Krueger as James Schaeffer
  • William McMullen as Jeffrey Schaeffer
  • Eric Normington as Russ Williams
  • R.C. Ormond as Edward Gaines
  • Christel Smith as Karen Schaeffer
  • Lisagaye Tomlinson as Nelson's Mother
  • Delila Vallot as Julie Irons
  • Al Woodley as Nelson's Father
  • Alysson Da Silva as Civilian
  • Marty Kimble as Bryan Kramer

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