Bixton is a conglomerate whose entrepreneural pursuits place them as antagonists and victims.



Bad Seed[]

Bixton Organic Foods tried to genetically engineer corn for easier digestion by adding properties from a bacteria of the Clostridium genus to breakdown the cellulose but they inherited the traits of Clostridium botulidum which caused botulism in less than 1% of their corn.

In Sweetwater, they bought out many of the farms such as Aunt Sally's for their own agriculture products and can steal land when their patented seeds "accidentally" blow into neighboring farms and they sue for theft. The runoff from their cattle ranches infect their crops with E. coli.

The couple Lauren Beck and Ethan Durant went to a restaurant whose produce was provided and delivered by Bixton subsidiaries. They respectively contracted E. coli and botulism from their orders which led to their deaths. The CSIs investigated and were able to obtain enough evidence to shutdown Bixton's operations in Sweetwater and for Ethan's family to bring a civil suit against them.

CSI:Crime Scene Investigation[]


Bixton Pharmaceuticals we're making a drug to treat those with a deficiency of antithrombin but cancelled it due to deming it too expensive to produce. Justin Wade joined Bixton to steal the formula to treat his wife Mary Wade with the assistance of Heather Conner. Jessica Lowell of the FBI infiltrated Bixton and integrated herself with Justin and Heather believing they were making meth which ingredients and manufacturing methods were similar to producing the antithrombin protein drug.


  • Seth Ellers (forced into becoming a subsidiary)
  • Gavin Webb (forced into becoming a subsidiary)
  • Lauren Beck (infected with E. coli)
  • Ethan Durant (infected with botulism)