Blood Moon
Blood moon
Season 2
Number 13
Writer Marc Dube,
Jonathan Glassner
Director Scott Lautanen
Original Airdate February 2, 2004
Previous Episode: Witness to Murder
Next Episode: Slow Burn

Blood Moon is the thirteenth episode in Season Two of CSI: Miami.


A cigar maker is found in his store tied up, beaten, mutilated, and murdered with a chaveta, a cigar-making tool featuring a rounded blade. The investigation leads Horatio to a group that helps Cuban refugees. Across town, a 25-year-old man is gunned down while withdrawing money from an ATM, but the motive doesn't appear to be robbery since the cash he withdrew is left behind.


Further identification reveals the cigar maker is actually an infamous torturer and rapist from the Cuban regime with his wounds matching his own methods. Earlier he had received a phone call from a cellphone owned by Marisela Gonzalez, the owner of a refugee rescue project, she confesses to have given it to a young man. Later they discover the man is Marisela's own son, Carlos, and that she's a former torture victim. Carlos confesses the murder motivated by revenge, but is himself shocked when Horatio reveals the dead man was his father.

Meanwhile, Speed and Calleigh investigate a middle-aged male gunned down at an ATM. Using the ATM's camera, they find a BMW belonging to a Melanie Hines, reported stolen one hour after the murder. She claims she attended an outdoor cinema, and found her car stolen after the act, but the cinema manager tells he ousted her with the vic, and her car is found with key marks and a front window blasted from inside out. Her gun—a specific .22 piece, with retrograde bullet marks—is found by Homicide, and although it has no prints, Speed finds traces of skin lotion that matches Melanie's lotion from her fingerprint on a soda bottle, originally given to her to acquire her prints. Faced with new evidence, she confesses, but claims it was an accident, which is supported by the low pulling force the pistol needs to be triggered. Although both Speed and Calleigh has bad feelings about Melanie, the prosecutor lets her walk.


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