CSI Novel
Blood on the Sun
Franchise CSI: NY
Author Stuart M. Kaminsky
Publisher Pocket Books
Publication Date April 3, 2006

Blood on the Sun is a CSI:NY novel by Stuart M. Kaminski. It takes place sometime during season 1 or early season 2, before the departure of Aiden Burn. It has two separate cases. It is considered part of the expanded universe with details that do not follow the TV show cannon.


Mac and Danny Investigate the triple murder of a teenage girl and her parents along with the disappearances of her younger brother. Danny suffers from cop syndrome, which manifests itself as a tremor in his hand. He is not sleeping well and misses some evidence on the case.

Meanwhile Stella, Aiden, and Flack investigate a ritualistic killing at an Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn and someone is stalking Stella.

Deviations form TV cannon[]

The following either directly contradict or are never mentioned in the TV series cannon.

  • Danny's father and grandfather were cops.
  • Stella read the Bible because she wanted to and takes her Catholic religion seriously.
  • Mac speaks openly about his wife Claire to Jane Parsons.
  • Danny threw out his shoulder which ended his shot at a Major League baseball career.
  • Stella has traveled around Europe and collects paintings that she likes.
  • Stella's father abandoned her and her mother and her mother died of pneumonia.
  • Mac watched a helicopter carrying the others of his unit crash in the Middle East.