Minor Character: Miami
Name Bob Norwood
Gender Male
Family Unnamed daughter
City Miami
Occupation Tow trucker
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Pushing off balcony
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerted
Portrayed By Joseph D. Reitman
First Appearance If Looks Could Kill

Bob Norwood is an amateur murderer for hire.


Norwood was caring for a critically ill daughter in the hospital. Janet Sterling and Abby Biggs, the owners of J.A. Models that have been seducing and killing their models for life insurance policies, exploited Norwood's predicament and paid him the funds he needed so he'd be an accomplice. When a squabble between two of their models, Jason Hollings and Steve Dixon, led to Hollings running over Dixon with a Mercedes in a rage, despite Biggs already having sex with Dixon because they were planning to kill him anyway, Norwood was hired to tow his car. The duo then collected on the policy. Sterling, in the meantime, was having sex with Cody Lane to set him up for dead. After leaving the hotel room, Norwood pushed him off the balcony. Norwood was tracked from his dog's hair being left at the scene, and he confessed to the murder and the payoff. Norwood was arrested and incarcerated for his role.

Known Victims[]