Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Bobby Taylor
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Fireworks factory worker
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Manual smothering
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated/Released
Portrayed By Milo Ventimiglia
First Appearance Friends & Lovers

Bobby Taylor is the murderer of his best friend Eric Berkley, when they were both in a drug-induced stupor.


Bobby and Eric, too teenage best friends, went to a rave in the Nevada desert and met drug dealer Ethan Zalasky. Zalasky lied about the safety of the "cool high" from the drug, which was jimsonweed, a highly volatile hallucinogenic. Bobby and Eric put it in a tea and rank it, Eric taking the worst part, which was the seeds. Their hallucinations resulted in psychotic breakdowns, running out of the rank because they were experiencing side effects of poor withstanding of lights and loud noises. Eric's temperature boiled, so he stripped himself naked as he and Bobby kept running in the sand. Bobby couldn't stand Eric's screams because of the jimsonweed, so he and Eric fought. Despite Eric biting Bobby's arm, Bobby killed him by manually smothering him until he was dead, all just to stop him from screaming. Bobby fled and forgot the night's events, but he realized Eric was missing and filed a missing persons report the next day.

Two days after that, Eric was found dead, his skin dried from the drugs and maggots covering his face to eat his decomposing tissues. Tests on the maggots confirmed the jimsonweed, the drug in the maggots' blood confirming Eric ingested it. Bobby came into the crime lab because Eric was found, crying while identifying Eric in the morgue. Bobby tried to lie that they didn't take drugs, but when confronted with the evidence. Bobby admitted the deal. He took the police back to the rave, where he pointed out Zalasky. Zalasky's jimsonweed in his car wasn't enough to hold him for distribution, so he was cut loose.

Grissom looked at the bite on Bobby's arm, which he kept scratching. Grissom was horrified the teeth marks matched Eric's dental records. Aluminum found on Eric's face matched residue from Bobby from his work in a fireworks factory. Bobby was in shock finding to he caused his best friend's death. The team swore to assist his defense by arguing diminished capacity, but Bobby said with Eric dead by his hands, he was in too much grief for it to matter to him because Eric was never coming back. Bobby was presumably incarcerated in juvenile detention for lesser charges of manslaughter, if not acquitted completely.

Known Victims[]

  • Eric Berkley (smothered to death by covering his mouth and nose with his bare hands and arms)


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