Minor Character: New York
Vitali Baganov CSI NY
Name Dr. Bogdhan Ivanov
Gender Male
Family Nadia Ivanov (wife)
City New York
Occupation Former doctor
Taxi driver
Pathology Serial killer
No. of Victims 3 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Vitali Baganov
First Appearance Blink

Dr. Bogdhan Ivanov (Russian: Богдхан Иванов, Bogdkhan Ivanov/Доктор Богдхан Иванов, Doktor Bogdkhan Ivanov) is a serial killer who appeared in the first episode of CSI:NY.


Not much is known about Ivanov's past other than that he is married and Russian. It is also revealed that he was a doctor in Russia before moving to the United States with his wife.


After he arrived in New York he started a job as a taxi driver. Sometime later, he became obsessed with a Russian immigrant he was sponsoring named Zoya Pavlova. Using some of his old medical knowledge he kidnapped Zoya and decided to "keep" her, manually using the syndrome of confinement however when he tried to do so he fatally broke her neck. Later he tried to do the same technique with a woman named Leann Goodman however it causes a massive brain hemorrhage that kills her.

He finally succeeded with an unidentified woman, when he was caught, he said that Zoya wanted him to take care of her and that he was freeing her and the others. Mac responds that it was not about freeing them but about controlling them. He tells Ivanov that he left the last woman alive because he could not bear to kill his only success. Mac reflects that the women died for the same reason they caught Ivanov: "You didn't know how to let it go." The unidentified woman is brain dead from the confinement syndrome because it is irreversible, Dr. Smythe reveals that it is looking for a closer relative so his life support machine can be turned off

Modus Operandi[]

All of his murders were accidents. Ivanov only meant to go after Zoya, a young Russian immigrant living with him and his wife as a sponsor family to her, to place her in a pseudo-coma by crushing the nerves in her neck from behind as a means of "preserving" her, but ultimately killed her. He then targeted other women who got into his taxicab in hopes of perfecting his technique, attacking them in the same way. When he killed Zoya, he broke her neck from gripping her too hard, and when he killed Leann Goodman, he gave her massive brain hemorrhage. The woman he succeeded with went into a vegetative state soon after her pseudocoma. 

Known Victims[]

  • Zoya Pavlova (snapped her neck)
  • Leann Goodman (died from massive brain hemorrhaging)
  • An unidentified woman (left brain-dead in an unspecified manner)


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