Season 1
Number 7
Writer Steven Maeda,
Gwendolyn Parker
Director Charlie Correll
Original Airdate November 4, 2002
Previous Episode: Broken
Next Episode: Slaughterhouse

Breathless is the seventh episode in Season One of CSI: Miami.


The naked body of a male stripper who performed during a private party at a Coconut Grove estate is found the next morning in a nearby rose garden, and the CSIs have difficulty determining the cause of death. Meanwhile, Megan investigates the case of a male swimmer who suddenly dropped dead after climbing aboard a boat seven miles out in the Atlantic.


A male stripper is found dead following a party made by a club of women to celebrate female sexuality. The team is stumped with the cause of death, specially after dead mosquitoes are found close by equally dead without an apparent cause. After a further toxic exam it's revealed the victim was poisoned with nicotine, surprisingly the entrance was through his penis. They go back to the crime scene and discover the house gardener has a insecticide bottle with nicotine. The fingerprints on the bottle belong to Melissa Starr, the house's owner, turns out Noel was so obsessed with Melissa she decided to kill him by lacing a condom with the poison, he died while they had sex.

Megan and Eric team up for the first time to investigate when a diver got out from the ocean and just dropped dead. Eric experience with diving helps when he identifies the victim's body with signs of deep sea divers. There was a diving competition on the same day, the duo finds the victim's brother there, the young man is devastated by his death. However after they further analyse the body it's revealed the one brother killed the other, they both were diving without tanks, the lack of oxygen made them hallucinate and the victim was stabbed by his brother.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Wanda De Jesús as Detective Adelle Sevilla
  • Alex Paez as Detective Martin Puig
  • Liza Del Mundo as Claire Heitmann
  • Chris Payne Gilbert as Carson Cassidy
  • Michael Irby as Ignatio Paez
  • Richard Gross as Gardener
  • Jamie Luner as Nikki Olson
  • Bobby Nish as Brian Fan
  • Ion Overman as Teacher
  • Lou Richards as Lawyer
  • Laura Leigh Hughes as Lisa Tupper
  • Tom Jourden as Mark Tupper
  • Sarah Rafferty as Melissa Starr
  • Baron Rogers as Noel Peach
  • Kris A. Jeffrey as Adam Cassidy

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