Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Bree Lindale
Gender Female
Family Leigh Lindale (mother)
City Las Vegas
Occupation High school student
Pathology Accomplice
Modus Operandi False accusation
No. of Victims 1 falsely incriminated
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Alessandra Torresani
First Appearance Turn, Turn, Turn

Bree Lindale is the ex-friend of Haley Jones and later the accomplice of Lindale's attempted rapist, ex-boyfriend Dave Henkel. Lindale appeared in Turn, Turn, Turn in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Bree Lindale was previously the close friend of Haley Jones, daughter of Mark and Nicole Jones, two proprietors of a motel after the previous owner, Dale Durney, died and disappeared. Lindale was also dating Dave Henkel, a needy, possessive jock on the baseball team. When Haley started imitating Lindale to try and fit in, Lindale cut Haley out, resulting in Haley being both an outcast and a victim of cyberbullying and bullying at her school. Haley wanted to attend Lindale's birthday bonfire, with serious adult activity between the kids there. She snuck out, Nicole following her and taking pictures to show her what was going on there. Henkel snapped when assuming Lindale was cheating with another member of the team, drugging Lindale with GHB and attempting to rape her in the car. Thankfully, she fought Henkel off and got out of the car before running. She stumbled down the street and reached the Park Pines Motel, passing out in the Jones' apartment. She later called the cops and accused Mark of sexually assaulting her, playing it as she woke up there and Mark was standing over her with her pants on the floor. Catcher's mitt conditioner tied Henkel to the crime instead, Henkel giving a full, open confession on the spot. When Lindale was questioned as to why she willingly blamed Mark, she simply said for the sake of making Haley keep away from her. It's unknown if she was arrested or never charged.

Known Victims[]

  • Mark Jones (falsely accused of sexual assault; later exonerated of suspicion)