Brianna Faber and Heath Lansing are serial killers who appeared in season seven of CSI: Miami.

Minor Character: Miami
Name Brianna Faber and Heath Lansing
Gender Brianna Faber (Female)

Heath Lansing (Male)

Family Briana Faber
  • Katherine Faber (mother)
  • Roger Lansing/Trent Faber (father)
  • Heath Lansing (boyfriend & paternal half-brother)
  • Unnamed/unborn child
City Miami
Occupation Pool Cleaner (for Heath Lansing)
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Andrew James Allen (Heath Lansing);

Aimee Teegarden (Brianna Faber)

First Appearance Divorce Party


Brianna Faber was born to Katherine Faber and her husband, Trent. When Amy was born, Katherine described her late husband as upset and thought that he wanted was a son. Katherine goes on describing that Trent was away a lot on business trips and never came home for Christmas. Heath Lansing was born to Amy Lansing and her husband, Roger. Roger told Amy that his work was top secret and that he was a spy. When Heath was born, Roger was happy and had everything. Later, Amy found out her husband was leading a double life and she divorced him by giving him the divorce papers and holding a Divorce Party. This action pushed the duo to kill Roger Lansing/Trent Faber.

Season Seven[]

Divorce Party[]

In the episode, Heath Lansing found out the truth about his father when his father lied about having to do some top-secret work. He found out his father was the same father as Briana's father. This made Heath and Brianna half-siblings. When the truth was revealed and Amy found out the truth through her own investigative work, Amy decided to divorce Roger for lying to her and Heath revealed to his father that Brianna was pregnant with Heath's child. Roger/Trent was angry and told them it is not right for them to keep the child, but Heath and Brianna rebutted him that what he did was not right either.

Brianna and Heath fearing that their father will do something bad to their mother and family then decided to kill their father. They made their own chloroform by using the bleach Heath was supplied from his work as a pool cleaner and nail polish removal and fertilizer from Brianna's home stuff. Heath lured his father to the top of the gazebo that was used for his mother, Amy Lansing's divorce party. When their father was lured, Brianna subdued him with chloroform switching the dummy prop on the gazebo with their father. After the two were revealed as killers, Calleigh Duquesne asked them "what kind of life their unborn child will live in, knowing that their parents will be in jail." Brianna stated that it was better than the deception that their father had caused their family.

Modus Operandi[]

Heath and Brianna used everyday supplies to make the chloroform. Heath supplied the bleach from his job as a pool cleaner. Brianna used her nail polish removal and fertilizer from her mother's garden. Heath lured his father to the gazebo where his mother was using it to hold her Divorce Party. Brianna then used the homemade chloroform to render Roger/Trent unconscious. The duo then used the noose prop that was part of the gazebo and put it around their father's neck.

Known Victims[]

  • Roger Lansing/Trent Faber (Brianna's and Heath's father; lured and chloroformed him; death by hanging)