Minor Character: Miami
Brody Lassiter
Name Brody Lassiter
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Actor
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Car crash
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Nick Steele
First Appearance Rush

Brody Lassiter is an actor and a murder victim, later revealed to be a murderer himself.


Lassiter lived as an actor since he was young, having a long complicated history. His best friend was Eddie Corbett, who babysat him when they were children and later became his personal assistant. Lassiter also dated Eddie's sister Diane, who was later killed in a car crash with Brody behind the wheel. Lassiter moved Diane to the driver's seat and fled to not get caught in his own panic. Eddie was devastated, and out of guilt, Lassiter offered the best empathy he could, which drew them closer together. However, Lassiter suffered a drug problem, as did Eddie, by Lassiter took a turn for the worse. During his film shooting in Miami, he checked himself into the rehab clinic of Peter Ashford, never knowing Ashford set cameras in his high-status patients' rooms to sell the footage. In spite of his willingness to get better, one rule he broke was having sex with fellow patient Holly Reese, but the casual relations didn't last long. However, Lassiter connected closest with a suicidal patient named Jolene Kitt, the resident staying longest at the time. She even reminded him enough of Diane that he confessed some details about her manslaughter, though not revealing more.

Lassiter instead prepared to make amends in the 12-step process by confessing to Eddie personally. Eddie was invited to his room, where Lassiter emotionally admitted he was guilty of Diane's death. Eddie was taken aback, then enraged and refused to forgive Lassiter, shoving him off the elevated floor. Lassiter's head took a blow and he was knocked unconscious, Eddie believing he was dead. Rushing to cover himself, Eddie stole Jolene's rope and hanged Lassiter to stage a faked suicide. Lassiter, however, woke up and tried to break free, but Eddie, repeating the same self-preservation Lassiter did with Eddie's sister, just fled and left Lassiter to die. Ashford then turned the cameras and moved Lassiter's body to the trunk of the stunt car he borrowed so he himself wouldn't be caught. When the car was used on Lassiter's film he was discovered when the trunk popped open. Reese admitted to having sex with Brody, Jolene admitted to making the rope to kill herself, Ashford was arrested trying to throw the rope out, and Eddie was arrested from traces of heroin in his apartment also covering the rope Lassiter was hanged with.

Known Victims[]

  • Diane Corbett (accidentally killed in a car crash; moved into the driver's seat postmortem)