Main Character: Cyber
Brody Nelson
Name Brody Nelson
Gender Male
City Quantico
Specialty Hacking
Status Alive
Portrayed By Shad Moss
First Appearance Kidnapping 2.0

Brody Nelson is an FBI agent, who used to be a computer hacking prodigy. He is portrayed by Shad Moss.


Nelson was formerly a black hat hacker, named "Qu35t", who got into trouble with the law. The FBI was close to throwing the book at him, until the judge gave him a choice: either work with the FBI cyber division or go to jail for five years. Brody is trying to work hard to earn his redemption.

As well as two living parents, Nelson has an older brother named Jordan.  Jordan works as an attorney, and he refused to represent Nelson after Nelson's arrest for hacking.  The two reconnected after Nelson heard that Jordan, his clients, and his firm were under investigation by the FBI, with Jordan hoping to get a heads-up on when a raid might happen. Nelson did not give that heads-up, partly because of the brothers' rocky relationship and partly because Nelson's work responsibilities didn't allow him time to call Jordan.

After the time skip at the end of the Season 2 finale, it is revealed Nelson has attended and graduated from the FBI academy, becoming a full agent and being issued his own FBI badge and firearm.

Season One[]

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Season Two[]

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