Season 1
Number 6
Writer Ildy Modrovich,
Laurence Walsh
Director Deran Serafian
Original Airdate October 28, 2002
Previous Episode: Ashes to Ashes
Next Episode: Breathless

Broken is the sixth episode in Season One of CSI: Miami.


The whole team investigates the crime scene of an indoor amusement park when a young girl is found dead in the bathroom. They must track down the relentless man responsible for the heinous crime quicker than usual, as everyone on location has been detained until they can be cleared. 


While playing in Zany Town, and indoor amusement park, Ruthie Crighton disappears but is sadly found dead in a bathroom. The whole team is called to this investigation, they detain everyone to collect traces and search their history. Calleigh talks to the owner who reveals that despite having locks the place codes are kept openly in his desk, so everyone could had taken them. Megan analyses the body and discovers the girl was dressed to look like a boy, with the killer cutting her hair for it, and he used a sign cone to close the bathroom. Alexx also confirms Ruthie had convulsions and the killer tried to save her. This confirms he attempted a kidnapping but something went wrong.

After a parent, Brad Rifkin, behaves strangely Speedle runs his prints and finds he's a convicted sex offender. In interrogation Rifkin says he was with his daughter. Calleigh reviews Zany Town's tapes a finds Rifkin didn't took with Ruthie, but he was still violating his parole and is arrested. Mandy and Erick have a bad time analyzing the prints taken from the cone, they are all in a strange hacked pattern, the two are puzzled until Megan realizes they are "frankensteined" prints, meaning the killer cut off the tip of his fingers, hacked them and then put the pieces in different places. Fortunately they have enough parts to reconstruct a whole print and the killer is identified as convicted pedophile Stewart Otis.

Searching the name Otis the team finds a farm less than a mile from the park, they raid the farm but Stewart is gone. Canvassing the place Speedle finds a large collection of child porn while Horatio and Eric make the grizzly realization a set of missing children posts are actually makeshift tombstones. Outside Alexx and her team dig up several corpses, meaning the team is now looking for a serial killer. After other workers uniforms and cotton candy are found in Stewart's clothes Horatio is able to finally locate and arrest Stewart. An Interrogation reveals a flashback where Stewart dressed as a Zany Town worker and used cotton candy laced with sedatives to attract Ruthie to the bathroom, he then tried to abduct her but Ruthie had a bad reaction to the sedative which led Stewart to kill her while trying to resuscitate her. The episode ends with a worried Alexx teaching her children to take care of strangers.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Michael Whaley as Detective Bernstein
  • William O'Leary as Stewart Otis
  • Rachel Rogers as Ruthie Chrighton
  • Grace Philips as Mrs. Chrighton
  • Josh Stamberg as Ben McCadden
  • Angelo Perez as Latino Employee
  • Kevin Sizemore as Officer Cole
  • Bob Rumnock as Store Manager
  • Tanya Memme as Female Reporter
  • Vic Chao as Asian Reporter
  • Suzette Craft as Black Reporter
  • Channon Roe as Brad Rifkin
  • Philip Daniel Bolden as Bryan Woods
  • Diane Mizota as Jade Horowitz
  • Ambrosia Kelly as Janie Woods
  • Emil Beheshti as NTSB Technician
  • Celina Belizan as Elizabeth


  • The episode is primarily inspired by the case of Dean Corll, a.k.a. "The Candy Man".
  • The opening murder of Ruthie Crighton appears to be inspired by the murder of Sherrice Iverton by Jeremy Strohmeyer.

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