Brooklyn 'Till I Die
CSI NY - Brooklyn 'Til I Die
Season 8
Number 12
Writer Aaron Rahsaan Thomas
Director Eric Laneuville
Original Airdate February 3, 2012
Previous Episode: Who's There?
Next Episode: The Ripple Effect

Brooklyn 'Till I Die is the twelfth episode in Season Eight of CSI: NY.


The CSIs investigate when a roleplaying game turns lethal, with one player falling victim to a bonafide killer and the other kidnapped and held for ransom.


In a night, at a grand gaming hall, many people are watching a baccarat game between a young man and an older guy, with a young lady in a red evening dress frequently using her lipstick. When the young man wins the round and wants to cash out and leave the table, the old man is upset and forced the young man to stay, by placing a nine-millimeter pistol on the table. The situation turns nervous, and the young lady plans to pull out a gun underneath her dress. Suddenly, the young man throwing his chips to everyone in the hall, making a chaotic scene and make use of the opportunity to escape the gaming hall with the young lady on barefoot. After running for a while, the couple make a kiss at an alley, but being interrupted by two mysterious men that blocked their way out. The young man asks his partner to take out her gun and pretend to shoot. Then a gunshot is heard.

On the following morning, the body of the young lady is found. CSI is called in. Flack gets no ID on the victim but find a fake FBI badge which is named as Natasha Fatale. What is more, Flack found a starter's pistol alongside the victim. Mac is wondering why the victim got a fake badge and a fake gun, but being shot dead?

Jo joins Mac to process the scene, she finds something special about the lipstick that "Natasha" is carrying: It's not only a lipstick, but also a camera. Then a man's leather shoe is found at a dumpster near the crime scene with some kind of trace on it. Multiple sets of shoeprints were also founded on the scene which suggest there's more than one killer, and they abducted the man after killing the young lady. Inside the dumpster, Jo found a wallet which contain another fake FBI badge with a name of Boris Badenov. Mac is suspicious about the victims' real identity, and why the killers only killed "Natasha" but abduct "Boris"?

At the morgue, Sid examined the body of "Natasha", but fails to get her real identity. The COD is a single shot possibly made by a nine-millimeter pistol. Sid also found a trace from the victim's dress, which is likely to be a tooth fragment covered in soil. Not least, Sid finds something looks like chemical burns on the victim's toes in orange color.

In the lab, Danny starts analyze the evidence gathered from the crime scene and found "Natasha"'s blood trace on "Boris"'s shoe, and Lindsay is working in a darkroom to print out the photos which are taken from the victim's lipstick camera.

In Mac's office, he received a email from a Christine Whitney, he initially intends to make a reply, but shortly after typing the message, he decided not to do so.

Lindsay successfully printed out the photos from the lipstick camera and all of these photos have a common image of an old man, who Danny described him as a "Minnesota Fat", is playing baccarat with a nine millimeter pistol is on the table. She tried to make a comparison to the crime database but find no match. Hawkes analyzed the trace from the "Natasha"'s toes and was found as dihydroxyacetone, which is widely used in sunless tanning, and Danny analyze the trace from "Boris"'s shoe and found several ingredients of oxtail soup. Based on these findings, they ran a search around the crime scene and found a tanning salon and a Jamaican restaurant which sells oxtail soup were located three blocks away the crime scene.

Mac and Flack go to the back door of the Jamaican restaurant to look for traces from the victims. Mac soon find a red sequin looks like coming from "Natasha"'s dress, and more of them were found on the way they move forward, it finally leads them to a back door.

Once they opened the door and enters, it was a grand gaming hall, with "Minnesota Fat" is playing baccarat with another man. When Mac shows his badge, the "Minnesota Fat" tease him and looks like to make trouble at them. Being pissed off, Mac and Flack quickly confronted the guys before they can take any action, but suddenly, "Minnesota Fat" is calling for peace, saying this is a part of script, with Flack found out the gun seized from his aide is fake.

More officers come in to interview everyone inside the hall. The detectives finds out they are all actors to a scavenger hunt game called "The GoGame". Each team consists of two members, the players assumed themselves as film noir undercover FBI agents, they need to complete twelve missions in different locations of the city. The first team who finish it in Brooklyn is the winner. The gaming hall is the third mission of the game called "Brooklyn till I Die", the objective of this mission is to take surveillance photos to the resident crime boss. Mac wonders if any insider from the GoGame may commit the robbery, but facing another dead end: They are carrying fake cash which is no use other than the game itself.

Flack gets the information from the game organizer about the real identity of the victims: Michelle Lewis and Preston Seville, Jr., the son of a billionaire who runs a hedge fund empire. At the same time, Seville, Sr. received a package, it contains a message: " We have your son" and a severed finger with a ring on it.

NYPD officers move into the Seville residence after Seville, Sr. received the package. Jo interviews Seville, Sr. to see if there is any clue to his son's abduction. But she got limited information from Seville, Sr. about who might be involved. In fact, the Sevilles have a estranged relationship that the father do not know a lot about his son.

At the front door of the Seville residence, two NYPD officers stopped a man that Mac intervenes. The man, Agent Gerald Branson from FBI (with a real badge) offers their assistance to solve the case, which Mac immediately accepts his offer and Gerald call their guys to move in.

Back to the lab, Lindsay reported to Jo that the DNA sample from the severed finger matched to the secondary sample from Seville, Sr., which means the finger belongs to Seville, Jr. With the blood cells hadn't lysed yet, it means the finger was being cut off while he was alive. Lindsay shares her thoughts on what she would do if her daughter is abducted before moving back to her findings: About what kind of tools might possibly sever Seville, Jr.'s finger, and she found trace of eggshells and sea kelp on the severed finger.

Meanwhile, Hawkes and Danny runs a background check on the victims. Michelle was a kindergarten teacher with no known connection to Seville, Jr., while the Jr. had prior arrest records while protesting against the Wall Street businesses, that is quite contradicting to his background.

Danny runs an analysis on the tooth fragment that Sid recovered from Michelle's body, it belongs to a 1982 murder victim called Cindy Allen. Her killer, Lambert Jones, is a serial killer responsible to 26 murder cases across five states, and is putting on a death row in a supermax federal prison in Colorado. That adds more odds to the case.

Later, Seville, Sr. received a call from the kidnappers demand a ransom of $4 million, with instruction to place the money into four different locations in New York within two hours. While the detectives are seeking the possible motive from the kidnappers, they are surprised to hear from Seville, Sr. that he is not going to pay the ransom. Although the FBI traced where the ransom call is coming from, but they found nobody is there. While Mac, Jo and Gerald discuss about the possibility on the kidnapper's motive and what are their next move, they have a consensus: To spare no efforts to ensure the safety of Seville, Jr.

The FBI and NYPD launch a joint operation to track down Seville, Jr.'s kidnappers, while FBI provided their real and simulated bills with trackers equipped, and the FBI agents and NYPD officers led by Mac and Gerald, are allocated to the four locations as specified by the kidnappers to prepare an action, with Jo is staying with some FBI agents at the Seville residence for back up.

Then, Danny spotted a guy is grabbing one of the bags and attempt to flee, he and other officers moves in and apprehend the guy immediately. However, it seems this guy is not related to the kidnapping. Mac feels something wrong, they did not notice anything when the two hour deadline has already passed. They think this is a set up to thin their manpower. At the same time, a guy, who looks like as one of Seville's security detail, calls Seville, Sr. to enter his personal office and close the door. Once Seville, Sr. sits down, the guy pull out a submachine gun and demand Seville, Sr. to make a phone call to transmit the ransom money to a specified bank account. On the other side, Jo received the warning from Mac and moves closer to check Seville, Sr.'s condition. Suddenly, numerous rounds of gunfire were shot from the inside. When the gunfire stops, Jo moves into the office, found Seville, Sr. is unhurt, but the guy has fled through the window.

When Mac and Gerald's team rush back to the Seville residence, they learned the kidnappers are well planned: They tricked the cops, at the same time, they send some one who dressed up like the personal security guard of the Sevilles, got the access code of the front gate, and know how to behave as a security guard. Fortunately, the kidnappers got nothing from Seville, Sr. because of Jo's intervention. When Seville, Sr. is working with the FBI to make a composite description of the kidnapper, he received another call from the kidnappers. This time, they demand ransom of $8 million. After the phone is off, Mac calms Seville, Sr. that his son will be safe until they received the money.

While reviewing the murders Lambert Jones committed, all happened in the Midwest region, and all the victims were buried at the backyard of his house. It seems there is no connection to what happened here in New York. But Danny found out there is a store at Washington Heights is selling items from different serial killers, including soil samples from Lambert Jones' backyard, which possibly explain why the trace from the soil was being transferred to Michelle's body when she was killed. Fortunately, the store keeps a record on all 27 customers who did purchase this special product and gives CSIs a copy of it.

Then the CSIs are working to check the alibis from these customers to narrow down the suspect. Then Lindsay comes up a new lead, the trace recovered from the severed finger links to a fertilizer that is sold exclusively to a greenhouse in New Jersey. What is more, the son of the greenhouse's former manager, Jake Williams, is one of the customers who purchased the Lambert Dirt. He is now in parole and staying in his mother's house.

Lindsay, Flack, Gerald and a team of SWAT officers storms the Williams' residence. Once they enter the residence, they found a mother falls asleep on her armchair, with Seville, Jr. is being tied and laid aside, but alive. Then Flack and the SWAT team moves in to apprehend the Williams brothers, when Lindsay frees Seville, Jr. While Flack declare the scene is clear, and Gerald shut the TV, the mother suddenly awakes and attempt to pull out her shotgun hidden under her armchair. But Lindsay and Gerald quickly made a gunpoint at her, she had no choice but to surrender.

Back in the precinct, Seville, Jr. and the Williams brothers are being interviewed separately. When recalling what happened that night, Seville Jr. first thinking the appearance of the Williams brothers are a part of the game, but realized this is not a game when they shot Michelle dead and knocked him unconscious. Then he recalls the moment when he invites Michelle to play the GoGame together, and their excitement and expectation about the game.

In other rooms, Flack interrogates Jake Williams, who has a rap sheet of "everything", and Mac interrogates George Williams, with the evidence that can placed them responsible for Michelle's murder and the kidnapping of Seville, Jr. While questioning why the Williams brothers to add kidnapping into their resume, Jake states they intended to rob people at night under a schedule. On that night, they go out to rob as scheduled, but this time, they saw Michelle has a gun, so they shot Michelle before she can doing so at them. Realizing they murdered someone, the Williams brothers need a way to skip town, they later found out the identity of Seville, Jr., and decided to kidnap him and call for ransom money from his family in order to get everything they needed to get out of town. In fact, they got a tip from Seville, Jr. itself to sneak in the Seville residence under the disguise of security guard with the access code to the front gate to confront Seville, Sr. for the ransom money.

Seville Jr. speaks up how he was desperate on holding the family name and how he want to get away from his father. Lindsay gives him back the family ring and advise him to look forward, not what he has done.

At night, Mac received another email from Christine, inviting him for a meeting. He remembers his day as a patrol officer with his late partner, Steven Whitney, while his sister, Christine gave him the lunchbox before getting back the patrol car, Steven told Mac he has a high expectation on his sister that she can become the best cook in town. After the memory, Mac decides to accept Christine's invitation and they finally meet at a coffee shop. During the meeting, they share to each other on how to get through many tough moments in their life.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Megan Dodds as Christine Whitney
  • Ben Bledsoe as Preston Seville, Jr.
  • Jerry Kernion as Lonnie Tucci
  • Jamie Hill as Michelle Lewis
  • Richard Portnow as Preston Seville, Sr.
  • Gene Farber as Jake Williams
  • Matt McKane as George Williams
  • Patrick St. Esprit as Gerald Branson
  • James Logan as Thin Man
  • Frankie Shaw as Kelly Rose
  • James Ellis Lane as Ray Nelson
  • Jaret Sacrey as Stan Whitney
  • Wayne King as FBI Agent
  • James Ellis Lane as Croupier/Ray Nelson

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