Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes
Season 2
Number 3
Writer Devon Greggory
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate October 18, 2015
Previous Episode: Heart Me
Next Episode: Red Crone

Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes is the third episode in Season Two of CSI: Cyber.


Avery and Russell are called to investigate when a video depicting the murder of a black man emerges online. As they uncover the secrets and lies within a local police department, racial tensions begin to rise. Meanwhile, Elijah's decision to use force during a confrontation is called into question and Nelson begins to feel discriminated against due to the color of his skin.


Doxing - the act of releasing sensitive information online with harmful intent.

In Ashdale, Pennsylvania, police body cam footage is shown of a white officer chasing a black suspect into an alley. The chase ends when the suspect gives in and puts his hands over his head; however, the officer then kicks him down. Two gunshots are heard right afterwards.

The victim in the video, identified as Derek Noels, had been missing for a few months. Social media is in an uproar over the hate crime and the fact that Derek's body is now missing. The Ashdale Police Department claims that the video is a fabrication and that there was an intrusion in their video system. An unauthorized user apparently hacked their system, stole the video, and destroyed the backup files. The video, which came from the Ashville police video system, looks to be authentic, and the team learns that Chief of Police Allen Richards is the only person who has authority to delete video.

Avery and Russell speak with Chief Richards, who declines to provide any further information until an internal review is conducted. He also refuses to give up the name of the officer involved in the shooting. Since the internal review could take weeks, Russell tasks Raven with finding out who the officer is in the video.

Derek's distraught mother tells Avery that she hadn't seen her son in a few months. When Derek missed her birthday, she knew something was wrong and filed a missing persons report. She confirms that Derek was a drug user, as he had a few prior arrests for drug possession.

Nelson confirms that Chief Richards didn't delete the video. Someone hacked in the computer, logged in as him, copied the video, then deleted the backups without anyone knowing. The team needs to find out who did this and why.

Raven compares the Derek Noels video to other body cam footage taken by officers of the Ashdale PD. Using gait analysis (height, weight, past injuries, etc.), the videos can be translated into biometric markers that give the recorded video a shake pattern—the "video equivalent of a fingerprint." From this, it's determined that the officer in the video is Officer Dean Causley.

Officer Causley, a white cop, has three open Internal Affairs investigations; all of the suspects involved in the cases were black. He's advised by his lawyer not to say anything, including whether he knew Derek or where he dumped the body. When Avery and Nelson prove to him that his biometric markers from the video match another video, Officer Causley admits that he chased Derek into the alley, roughed him up, and took his stash. However, he swears that nothing else in the video happened and that nobody died in the alley.

Elijah and Russell head to the alley to re-create the scene. Russell has Elijah assume the position Derek was in and uses his flashlight to represent the two shots fired. Light reflects off of a nearby hubcap; however, they see in the video that there was no such reflection from the muzzle flash when the shots were fired. From this, they conclude that Derek wasn't shot in the alley and that the video was tampered with.

Officer Causley may not be entirely innocent, but someone went to a lot of trouble to make him look guilty. Since there's no way he would upload a video of himself killing someone, the thought is that a very talented black hat hacker is responsible. At that moment, we see the hacker in question uploading a photo of the incident to a social media site called BlackPowerForever; Officer Causley's name, photo, and address have been leaked online.

The public catches wind of this and gathers in front of Officer Causley's house to protest; Avery and Nelson are still inside, along with Officer Causley and his lawyer. Avery has Officer Causley give up the gun he was planning on using to defend himself, and the four exit out a side door. Elijah rushes to the scene and escorts everyone into his SUV while the protestors move in. One protestor tries to hit Elijah with a baseball bat. Elijah takes the protestor down, but the incident is caught on numerous cell phones.

The BlackPowerForever site claims that they were hacked and didn't release Officer Causley's information online. Avery creates a behavioral model on their target, profiling him as a white male in his 30's who is well-educated and dangerously patient. She believes that the target is white because he hasn't taken any credit or made any demands, while someone black would've taken great pride in righting such an injustice. The target is just sitting back and allowing everything to happen; chaos is his ultimate goal. Avery believes that the target will stay close enough to the riots, which is how they'll catch him. At that moment, we see the target going on an anti-black website and inviting white people to Ashdale to join the fight.

Krumitz is initially unsuccessful in finding how Chief Richards' computer got hacked; however, he soon realizes that the target infected the body camera's charger with malware. The target found out the type of body cameras used by the officers and copied the packaging. He then disguised himself as a delivery man and dropped off the infected hardware at the precinct. When the cameras were plugged in to charge, the malware crawled through the network until it found Chief Richards' computer and took over from there. As Krumitz explains all of this, the viewer sees a black man emerging from the protests and focusing on the television reports about Derek's murder; the man is presumed to be Derek himself.

Krumitz is able to determine that the IP address used on the malware is coming from a community center in Ashdale. Avery and Elijah arrive at the community center and find it nearly burned down; someone wrote racist sayings all over the walls before setting the blaze. The electronic devices have been charred to the point where they won't be able to yield much evidence. Avery concludes that the target doused the building in accelerant and tampered with the electrical wiring to start the fire and destroy everything.

Nelson finds a homemade relay device amongst the charred rubble. The hacker used the device to redirect the community center's Wi-Fi over a radio frequency knowing that the police would never even think to look. However, the Cyber team operates differently. Krumitz is able to track the frequency to a dorm room at Western New York State University belonging to Robert Gaines, a professor of Sociology. Before Krumitz can get to work, Robert's computer starts erasing files; he's only able to save a fraction of everything. He sends the capture to Russell, who opens a photo file labeled "Dad and the Boys." It's from this that he sees that Robert and Officer Causley are brothers—this attack was personal.

At that moment, Robert arrives at Officer Causley's house claiming that he was "sent by Nicole" with the information needed to help with the case. Robert reveals that they haven't seen in each other in five years and implores Officer Causley to make amends for hurting him. Instead, Officer Causley insults both Robert and Nicole, which leads to a fistfight that's eventually broken up by the security detail keeping watch over the officer. As he's escorted out of the house, Robert vows revenge.

Avery tells Russell about the "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes" experiment conducted on her class when she was in the third grade. Kids with blue eyes and brown eyes were separated and given different privileges on different days to teach about racism. From this, Avery believes that Robert, an acclaimed author, is conducting a racially based social experiment and socially engineering racism to prove his doctoral thesis. If this is true, Robert has been planning this for a long time and may know something about Derek Noels that nobody else does. Since he's trying to destroy the town of Ashdale, Avery guesses that Robert is going to strike at at the vigil being held in Derek's honor. The team now knows who Robert is and where he'll be.

Raven accesses the security camera outside of the Ashdale police station and runs a facial recognition program. She eventually spots Robert and directs Avery and Elijah to his location. Just before he's arrested, Robert erases everything on his phone.

Under interrogation, Robert claims that what they're observing is the "evolution of social science." He's proud that he was able to predict the chain events that led to this moment, adding that mankind will benefit because of "us." The other person in that statement is revealed to be Derek Noels, who Robert says he met on a bus nine months ago. Derek mentioned that he had been a victim of police brutality and that he was tired of being part of a broken system. Robert says that Derek isn't the victim in the viral video and refuses to say who it actually is. He says that destiny chose this video from Officer Causley's body cam, leading Avery to conclude that this whole thing has been about vengeance against his brother. From other scenes, the viewer has been able to deduce that Officer Causley was unhappy that his brother married a black woman, saying things that tore the brothers apart.

Avery gets the feeling that something isn't right, telling Elijah that Robert was way too calm for someone who's plan has been foiled. Suddenly, every officer in the Ashdale PD gets a notification on their phone that's providing Officer Causley's location. His safe house has been compromised and his GPS coordinates have been sent to every phone in the city. Avery knows that Robert is setting his brother up to get killed here and now.

Nelson figures that Robert used an auto-dialer to contact the masses, but the question is how someone tagged Officer Causley, who is now on the move. The GPS in the car is eliminated as a possibility, and Avery alerts the officer that he's being tracked via his phone. However, when Officer Causley and his security detail comply and ditch their phones, his GPS coordinates still show up. The tracker has to be hidden somewhere on his person, and Officer Causley realizes that his brother hid the tracker in his badge when they got into their fight earlier at the house.

Before the officer can be driven to safety, the detail car is t-boned. Every bystander in the area is alerted that Officer Causley is in the car, and they soon start approaching him with violence on their minds. As a riot starts to ensue, Elijah and Nelson arrive. They knock some protestors to the ground and bring Officer Causley to safety, while Nelson throws the officer's badge into a fire to destroy the tracking device.

Protestors gather outside of the Ashdale PD while Officer Causley is brought inside to safety. Chief Richards advises that the Cyber team head back to Washington, as there isn't enough manpower to hold City Hall until the National Guard arrives the next morning. As Avery looks out at the protestors, she sees Derek's mother standing silently. Suddenly, Derek makes his way through the crowd and hugs his mother. He gets up on a makeshift podium, is given a speaker, and informs the crowd that he's Derek Noels.

News outlets report that Derek is actually alive, but nobody in the crowd will listen. The protestors continue to chant the phrase "Where is Derek Noels?" much to Derek's exasperation. He yells one more word into the speaker: "STOP!" The episode then smashes to black.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Brad Beyer as Officer Dean Causley
  • Vincent Duvall as Stan Peters
  • Cyrus Farmer as Chief Percy Richards
  • Drew Nelson as Robert Gaines
  • Mel Fair as Male Reporter
  • Larry Bam Hall as Derek Noels
  • Michael Linstroth as Off Duty Cop
  • Meghan Maureen McDonough as Female Reporter
  • Judith Moreland as Addie Noels
  • Amanda Payton as Nicole Gaines
  • Pamela Shaddock as Female Congregant
  • Leonel Claude as Protestor (uncredited)
  • Eric Watson as Outspoken Protester (uncredited)

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