Minor Character: Miami
Name Bryan Woods
Gender Male
Family Alexx Woods (mother)
Henry Woods (father)
Jamie Woods (sister)
City Miami
Status Alive
Portrayed By Philip Daniel Bolden
Harrison Knight
First Appearance Broken

Bryan Woods is the teenage son of Alexx Woods, whose happenstance troubles in a criminal case resulted in Alexx's retirement.


Bryan was a friend of drug addict and federal informant Trey Holt, who was part of a group of smugglers distributing Y2K pills, at the direction of DEA Agent Brad Sylvestri. Alexx spoke with her husband and Bryan's father Henry when a piece of slate henry bought was used to kill Jim Barber, an ex-con who previously had the Y2K pills and was about to blow the whistle on the ring. Bryan was clueless as to how the slate ended up at the scene of the murder, and with Holt leaving a cigarette at the scene, he was suspected from his DNA being matched.

However, Bryan looked even guiltier when Holt called him to a warehouse, where Bryan found him with a knife in his back but still alive. Holt begged Bryan to pull the knife out, which Bryan did not realizing Holt was at risk of bleeding to death. Holt then told Bryan about a bag of pills at his place, not telling Bryan what was inside; Holt ordered Bryan to get the bag and throw it off the overpass under which Barber was murdered. Alexx arrived immediately, seeing Bryan let the knife slip from his hands. While Bryan was still in a state of shock, telling Alexx how he found Holt, Alexx rushed to stop holt's bleeding until the ambulance arrived, saving his life.

When Bryan is caught at the overpass with the pills, he's arrested, baffled from not knowing what was inside them. He couldn't muster himself to tell the truth in interrogation out of protecting Holt, but Alexx barged in anyway, insisting the team back off and that the family was getting a lawyer. But when Alexx finally got Bryan alone, he revealed the whole truth and elaborated how he was just entangled in the mess, which led him to be a convenient patsy. DNA on the knife revealed Mary Landis, the other smuggler, stabbed Holt because she wasn't paid for her part in the operation. Sylvestri's prints were on the bag, but it was finally Holt who gave up and sold out the ring to tie everything together. All three were arrested and incarcerated, with Bryan being released and returned to his family. Alexx was shaken enough that she retired, to be with her loved ones and not have to count the days they'd be together.


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