Minor Character: Miami
Name Brynn Roberts
Gender Female
Family Unnamed father
City Miami
Occupation Publicist
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Car sabotage; resulting in decapitation
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Samaire Armstrong
First Appearance High Octane

Brynn Roberts is a remorseless accidental murderer of a street race performer during one of his stunts.


Roberts can from wealth and dated car stuntsman Dexter Gilman, using her money to sponsor his image. She attended his performances during illegal events and races, filming them and posting them online to amplify his street cred. Roberts wanted to up Dexter's game and publicity by manipulating his car's hydraulics, sabotaging them with a remote transmitter connected to her phone, which she could call the transmitter with to elevate the car.

At an event where it was Dexter's turn to show off, he popped open the sun roof of the car, stuck himself out while sitting on the head of the driver's seat, and steered the car with his feet, a short distance beneath cable lights. Roberts called the transmitter to hit the hydraulics, but it elevated the car to high and rapidly, when Dexter was in the line of the last cable lights. His neck collided with the cable, decapitating him at high speed. When the cops were called, the crowds and Roberts bolted, even driving over Dexter's legs to get away.

While the team was tracking the guests at the party to find suspects, Roberts was found because she gave Dexter the car he used in the stunt. She confirmed her relationship and said the money would partly go to proving to her father she could inherit his fortune if she knew how to earn it big. She alleged the car was stolen, and when investigators asked for her PDA for evidence, she declined so as to not give herself up. When the hydraulics were found in the car, since it belonged to her, she was questioned again in suspicion, but she denied involvement.

Roberts was finally had when the transmitter was found in the car, and the call to it led right back to her cell phone. She finally confessed, saying she didn't intend to kill Dexter in what was meant as a career boost for the both of them from more publicity. Apathetic regardless, she just saw Dexter's death as an inconvenience, which the detectives found revolting. Roberts was then arrested and incarcerated for manslaughter.

Modus Operandi[]

Roberts gave Dexter a car with hydraulics, which she sabotaged with a transmitter she could activate by phone. When she called the transmitter, the hydraulics activated and raised the car from the wheels. Since Dexter was in line with the cable lights and was driving at high speed, his neck collided with the cable and his head was cut off. His body was then pushed out of the car and driven over when the attendees made hasty escapes away from the cops.

Known Victims[]

  • Dexter Gilman (remotely activated hydraulics in a moving car he was sitting on; accidentally decapitated by cable lights)