Built To Kill, Part 2
Season 7
Number 2
Writer Sarah Goldfinger,
David Rambo,
Naren Shankar
Director Kenneth Fink
Original Airdate September 28, 2006
Previous Episode: Built to Kill, Part 1
Next Episode: Toe Tags

Built To Kill, Part 2 is the second episode in Season Seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


While Grissom is confounded by a miniature left behind at the murder site of a retired rock star, Catherine does her own investigation of when she was drugged and finds a connection to a recent case.


Victim: Izzy Delancey (deceased)

On the case: Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Sofia Curtis

The body of famous rock star Izzy Delancey is found slumped over his kitchen table with his head in a pool of blood. Nearby, a half-inch scale model of the room sits on the counter, with every detail from the kitchen copied into the model. Grissom marvels at the perfect recreation of the scene, and he and Sara believe that this amount of detail must mean the murder was planned out weeks in advance. He remarks that even the blood pools match, which is almost impossible since a blood pool is inherently random. The blood in the model tests positive for real blood, meaning that the killer took some of Izzy's blood and put it into the model. Sara notes that the property is gated and that there's no sign of forced entry anywhere. Lividity suggests that the body wasn't moved and lack of blood spatter indicates that Izzy was struck just once.

Greg arrives to the scene while Sara is leaving; she has been called away and briefly fills Greg in on the case. In the house, the nanny, Annie Lansfield, tells Nick and Sofia that she found Izzy's body and called 911. Meanwhile, Greg takes photos of the bedrooms and finds a bulletin board with pictures of Annie with Izzy; however, he finds no evidence of sexual activity in her bed.

When told that whoever killed Izzy had access to the house, Izzy's wife Madeline rambles off a list of people who had the gate code, including housekeepers, gardeners, and the pool guys. Madeline suggests to Nick and Sofia that they question Sven, Izzy's son from his first marriage. Upstairs, Greg finds evidence of sexual activity in Sven's bed. Back downstairs, Sven admits to only living in the house occasionally and not getting to see his father that often even when he was there. His mother Dusty arrives to console him and gets angered when she finds out her son was fingerprinted. When asked where she was when Izzy was murdered, she says she was out walking and has nobody that can confirm that.

Grissom examines the model and finds a miniature bottle of bleach in one of the drawers; he finds a regular-sized bottle of bleach in the same location in the kitchen. ALS sprayed in the kitchen sink reveals blood, and he also finds evidence of blood on one of the drawer handles. Inside the drawer, he finds a marble rolling pin with a blood stain on it. He remarks to Greg that bleach was used in the kitchen, but not to clean up blood. It comes as very little surprise that, when the same drawer is opened in the model, a stained miniature rolling pin is found.

Doc Robbins tells Grissom (or, rather, sings to him) that Izzy's cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of the head and that death was probably quick. A shadow on the x-ray is revealed to be a "Bumblebee" brand key that was inside Izzy's chest. Grissom later cuts open the Izzy doll from the model and somewhat surprisingly finds no key inside of it. He tells Sara that he found no prints, hairs or fibers anywhere on the model.

Sara informs Grissom that Izzy owned all of his songs and was in negotiations to sell them to the Olympia casino for a show. Izzy, however, never got a chance to sign the contracts. Sven is the inheritor to the music rights, but since he's a minor, the rights go to his mother. Grissom notes that it's illegal to benefit from a criminal act and if either Sven or his mother committed the murder, the rights would go to Izzy's current wife, Madeline. Ecklie enters the room and wants to go public with the miniature crime scene. When rebuffed, he asks Sara for her opinion and is unsurprised when she sides with Grissom.

Bumblebee turns out to be a safe company, meaning that the key Izzy swallowed belongs to a safe. Greg tells Grissom that he figures if robbery was a motive, then Izzy swallowed the key in order to keep something hidden. The safe's whereabouts in the house are unknown; however, Greg is able to uncover it under the bathroom floor. Using the key, he unlocks the safe and finds the Olympia casino contract with Izzy's name on it. He also comes across a wedding photo along with a box containing a chicken's head; the box has a white fiber in it. In Annie's room, he finds pictures of similar boxes on her computer.

Greg finds evidence of emails between Annie and a tabloid magazine; Annie was getting paid for sending private Delancey family photos to the editor for money. As Sara scrolls through the magazine's website, she comes across a photo of Izzy's body at the kitchen table.

Annie is brought in for questioning. She recounts to Sofia that Izzy and Madeline had a fight over money; when told that he should sign the contracts, Izzy accused Madeline of being a gold digger and swallowed the safe key that was hanging around his neck. Knowing where the safe was but not having access to the key, the seemingly dimwitted Annie took a copy of Izzy's x-ray, went to a locksmith with a made-up story, and got a copy of a new key. She admits to breaking into the safe and finding the bitten-off chicken heads. Proving an urban legend about Izzy true, she sent the pictures to the tabloids to get a good payday. It's revealed that there was evidence of sexual activity between her and Izzy in Sven's bed. Sofia believes that Annie killed Izzy in order to break a new scandal and collect a windfall from the tabloids. Annie admits to snapping a few pictures before the paramedics arrived, but nothing more.

Greg comes across a "behind the scenes" video about Izzy and finds that his marriage to Dusty wasn't recognized as legal by the United States, which would give Dusty motive for murder. Sara and Sofia speak with Dusty, who tells them that on the afternoon that Izzy was killed, she was meeting with Madeline at a coffee shop; Madeline was asking Dusty to convince Izzy to sign the Olympia contract. They notice some black-and-white drawings of skyscrapers on a table, and Dusty tells them that Sven drew them. It turns out that Sven wants to be an urban planner and is obsessed with models.

Sven is brought to the station for interrogation. He tells Sofia that he was angry at his father for a lot of things, but he's not the only one. Sofia replies that Dusty and Madeline have alibis and she shows Sven the miniature model of the crime scene along with Izzy's body. Sven looks at the picture of Izzy and faints, explaining shortly afterwards that he faints at the sight of blood. A test proves that Sven isn't faking his condition, proving that there's no way he could've killed his father and planted the blood in the model.

In his office, Grissom examines the model further. Now out of suspects, he seems unsure as how to proceed. Later, as he goes through the model with a magnifying scope, he sees that something is off with one of the miniature photos of Izzy. On the back of the photo, he finds a picture of part of a doll's face with blood on its forehead. A perplexed Grissom looks up, unsure what to make of this.

Victim: Catherine Willows (alive)

After a night out, Catherine awakens alone and naked on a motel bed. After getting her bearings and collecting evidence, she questions the motel manager. He tells her that the room is registered under her name and that she used her credit card. The manager doesn't remember the guy that Catherine was with.

Catherine calls Sara out to the motel and fills her in on her situation. Sara tells her that any evidence she collected herself would be inadmissible, but Catherine says that she doesn't want to open an investigation. She tells Sara where the room is and asks her to process it before leaving in a cab.

In the lab, Catherine processes the evidence herself, refusing to let anyone else in on what she's doing. She gets a visit from Sam, who asks her where she was at the implosion party and invites her to dinner.

She later takes a cab back to the bar and is relieved to find that her gun is still in the glove compartment of her car. Inside the bar, she talks to the bartender, who doesn't recognize her from the night before. He says that there's only one security camera in the place and that it's trained on the cash register.

While driving Lindsey home from a dance rehearsal, Catherine's car is t-boned by another car. A figure gets out of their car, takes a dazed Lindsey from the backseat and drives away with another assailant in a different car. Catherine later finds acceleration marks in the adjoining street, indicating that this was no accident.

In the lab, Catherine fills Grissom in on what has happened to her, adding that her rape kit came back negative. In the garage, Nick tells her that the car that hit her was sold the day before and that the buyer paid cash. Although he's only able to recover partial prints from the outside of the car, Catherine remembers that the kidnapper reached through the open window and opened the door from the inside; she tells Nick to print the handle.

Sam calls Catherine already knowing about Lindsey's kidnapping; he tells her that he has people who deal with this stuff and that nobody gets away with threatening his family. Catherine visits him at his casino, asking him what he knows about the incident. He hands her an envelope; inside is a photo of Catherine naked on the motel bed with the caption "Can you guess what you're going to give me?" Another envelope recently found contains a photo of Lindsey tied up with a message asking for $20 million by wire to a Swiss bank. Catherine angrily blames Sam for everything that's happened and he responds by slapping her in the face.

The print lifted from the inside of Catherine's car is traced back to an open burglary case from Seven Hills, where a couple from San Francisco had bought a second home. As Warrick goes through the case file, he notices that the chair from the scene is the same chair that Lindsey is tied up in. The police storm the house; as one of the kidnappers runs down a hallway and draws his gun, Brass shoots him. Lindsey is found in one of the rooms, and Warrick carefully removes the duct tape from her in order to preserve evidence.

In the hospital, the kidnapper is tied to a bed. Grissom tells Catherine that prints recovered from a Polaroid paper slip place the kidnapper in the motel room she woke up in. She thinks back and remembers that the kidnapper was sitting at the bar the night she was drugged. Grissom says that this was a two-man job, but Catherine can't remember the faces of anyone else at the bar.

Wendy runs DNA from Lindsey's kidnapping and finds that the kidnapper is the brother of Robert O'Brien, the man who committed suicide at Sam's implosion party. Furthermore, a piece of hair from the duct tape used to bind Lindsey came back to Joe Hirschoff, Robert's partner.

Catherine confronts Sam in front of one of his casinos, asking him to call off his guys in their pursuit of Joe. She explains that Joe and Robert invested $20 million in the Eclipse project, but it went bankrupt before it broke ground. Sam then formed a new corporation to finish the project, leaving the two investors with nothing. Robert killed himself, while Joe went out seeking to get his money back and get revenge for losing his partner. As Catherine and Sam continue to talk, she sees Joe start walking up and suddenly remembers that he was in the bar the night she was drugged. Joe approaches them and shoots Sam twice in the chest. Joe is shot by Sam's bodyguards as he tries to run away, while Sam dies in Catherine's arms.


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Major Events[]

  • Sam Braun is shot and killed by Joe Hirschoff.


Grissom (to Doc Robbins): Cause of death?
Doc Robbins (singing): Blunt force trauma to the back of the skull and it fractured the occipital lobe. There was massive hemorrhaging on the brain, and death was probably swift. Yeah!
Grissom (to the corpse): Sorry, Izzy.


  • Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer


  • When Grissom dissects the miniature doll of Izzy Delancey, the doll is standing upright, but all other times the doll is shown, it is seen as sitting down and leaning forward.


  • Danny Bonaduce, famous for his role in the 1970s television show The Partridge Family, played Izzy Delancey.

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