Bump and Grind
Bump and Grind
Season 11
Number 7
Writer Don McGill
Director Michael Nankin
Original Airdate November 4, 2010
Previous Episode: Cold Blooded
Next Episode: Fracked

Bump and Grind is the seventh episode in Season Eleven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A badly shredded body is found in the back of an 18-wheeler, and the shredded remains of a credit card at the scene suggest that the CEO of a shady identity theft company is involved.


Victim: Larry Lamotte (deceased)

On the case: entire team

An unseen man cuts up vegetables for the chowder he's making—and also adds in a cut-up credit card. He feeds the chowder, card and all, to another man who's being restrained in a chair. Later on, a truck heading to a landfill is stopped when a suspicious ooze is seen leaking out of it. Langston and Nick test the "ooze" and find that it's blood. The truck's shredded contents are dumped; among the contents are shredded body parts and part of the credit card.

The truck's manifest leads the CSI team to a shredding company. Greg takes a look at the surveillance cameras and notes that the body could've been transported in one of the bins brought in for dumping. Nick searches the shredder and comes across another chopped up body part. Outside, Greg, Sara and Hodges are tasked with going through the large amount of shredded material that was in the back of the truck. The team separates the materials into piles, one of which is body parts.

Catherine visits Doc Robbins in autopsy. With the body parts laid out on his table, he tells her that they're likely from one victim who was dead approximately 36-48 hours before he was dumped into the shredder. There's also a bullet fragment in a portion of the cranial bone. Catherine notes that Greg found bullet fragments in the garbage heap back at the shredding facility.

Greg finds that the DNA on the victim came back as one source, confirming only one body was in the shredder. Their victim is an unidentified white male, as there are no hits in CODIS. Hodges tells Greg and Nick that trace from the credit cards came back as stomach acid—the victim's credit card was fed to him. The team realizes that they can run the credit card through a reader because they've recovered enough pieces that contain the magnetic strip on the back of the card. Upon doing so, the cardholder is identified as Larry Lamotte, who Greg recognizes as the owner of I.D. Preserve, an identity theft protection company that he himself has purchased protection from.

Larry wasn't home and his phone went straight to voicemail, both of which are bad signs. Langston and Brass head to Larry's office, where they’re greeted by his assistant, Elaine Travers, and his head of security, Julius Kaplan. They both say that Larry is on vacation at an undisclosed location. However, to everyone's surprise, Larry emerges from his office, looking nothing like the man in his commercials. Larry admits that he has a young mailroom clerk play him on television. He assures them he’s very much alive, and when Langston and Brass press to see if he perhaps went after the person who apparently stole his identity, Larry denies it. Langston theorizes that the killer thought they killed the real Larry Lamotte and asks him if he has any enemies. Larry gets Elaine to gather the "offenders files."

Nick finds out all of Larry’s enemies are former clients who claim that rather than protecting their identities, he allowed them to be stolen. One client in particular, Lee Devries, took it especially poorly, crashing his truck into Larry’s office, waving a gun around, and demanding to speak to him. As it turns out, Lee's first job after recently being released from prison is working at a temp agency that supplies workers to the shredding company. When Brass questions him, Lee denies going after Larry, saying he has six alibis: all the guys running around claiming to be him, thanks to Larry.

Greg discovers an older bullet fragment among the shredded remains that appears to be from an older gunshot wound. The bullets were fired from different guns, but they could still both belong to the same victim. Meanwhile, Sara informs Langston that the shredded items in the load with the dead body can be traced back to one place—I.D. Preserve. Furthermore, I.D. Preserve uses a subcontractor to handle transport of its bins—and Julius Kaplan runs that company. A search of one of the bins turns up blood; the team has found the transport container.

Greg manages to trace the credit card to a P.O. Box in New Mexico and comes up with several surveillance photos of a man—most likely their victim—using it. The blood in the bin is a match to the victim in the shredder, while fingerprints on the outside of the bin come back to Julius. A search of Julius' house turns up the room where he tortured and fed his victims, while Julius' body is discovered outside by his pool with a bullet hole to the head.

David Phillips determines Julius died at 5:00 PM that evening from a single shot to the back of his head, while Sara finds a beer bottle that matches a void in the spatter on the chair Julius is sitting in, indicating his killer was handing him a beer as he shot him. The CSIs determine that the gun used to kill the guy in the shredder is different that the one used on Julius. However, among Julius' possessions is a Glock, the same type of gun used to kill the guy in the shredder.

Records show that Julius' real name was actually Julius Kirsch, a mobster known for making dinner for his victims and adding a "secret ingredient" into the recipe. Under interrogation, Larry is shocked to learn this information about his friend. When shown a picture of the man from the shredder, Larry doesn't recognize him. Throughout the interrogation, Larry continues to claim his innocence, even when told that the victim was dumped from one of his shred bins.

Archie gets video footage from a neighbor’s surveillance camera of a car leaving Julius’ house, but the driver is obscured by another car passing by. Meanwhile, ballistics confirm that the Glock found at the scene was used to kill the guy in the shredder. Nick learns that the gun that killed Julius was also used in a robbery/shooting in Reno six years ago. The victim disappeared shortly after seeking medical treatment and remains unidentified. Greg is able to match the fragment from the shredded victim to the ones recovered at the scene in Reno, confirming their victim is the same man who was shot in Reno. Recapping the information, Langston wonders why their victim would travel from New Mexico to commit identity theft in Larry's backyard. Sara seems to have the answer—ID on the dead man comes back to....Larry Lamotte, a former Florida resident. It appears the real Larry was going to try to take down the entire I.D. Preserve empire.

Langston and Brass are able to identify the man they thought was Larry Lamotte as Arlo Karden, who has a record for robbery and identity theft. A Colt pistol was found in Arlo's house, and a fingerprint on the cartridge casing puts him at the scene of the shooting in Reno six years ago. They theorize that Arlo thought he killed the real Larry Lamotte six years ago, stole his identity, and used it to make a name for himself to defraud others. However, the real Larry later came back and demanded money. Arlo intended to pay off the real Larry, but instead had Julius kill him. To tie up loose ends, he then killed Julius. Arlo admits to trying to kill Larry, his old partner in crime, six years ago—pointing out that the statute of limitations has long since run out on the crime. He denies having Julius kill Larry or killing Julius himself, and a $5 million withdrawal from his bank account backs up his story. But if he paid Larry off, where’s the money?

From the surveillance footage, Archie is able to get a partial license plate off the car leaving Julius' house, and he discovers the car was rented out to Lee Devries. The CSIs track down the car, only to find it driven not by Lee, but by Elaine, Arlo’s assistant. Being the assistant, she knew of everything going on, including about the real Larry and his blackmail. After Larry showed up and demanded money from Arlo, she and Julius plotted to kill Larry and frame Arlo for the murder, splitting the $5 million between them. Elaine decided she didn’t want to split the money, killing Julius instead for being a pig—just like Arlo. The final piece of her plan was to steal Lee's identity, rent a car in his name, and drive it to Mexico, where nobody would find her. Now caught, she gives up information on Arlo in exchange for a deal, and Arlo is arrested for identity theft, while Greg and his other clients are left to chase down their stolen information.


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  • Everybody Eats When They Come to My House by Cab Calloway


  • Hodges mentions his "recent brush with T-Rex" as his desire to be out in the field more. This is in reference to the previous episode Cold Blooded.
  • Langston receives a letter from Nate Haskell that contains a kidney bean in it, a reference to Langston losing a kidney at the hands of the serial killer (Shock Waves).

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