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The episode template box contains some of the most important pieces of episode data. It is implemented as follows:
{{Episode (Las Vegas/Miami/New York/Cyber)
|title = EPISODE NAME (Karma to Burn, Family Affair, Shock Waves etc...)
|season = SEASON NUMBER (11, 12, 13 etc...)
|number = EPISODE NUMBER (1, 2, 3, 4 etc...)
|image = EPISODE IMAGE [[File:IMAGE.(jpg/png/etc...)|250px]]
|writer = [[WRITER 1]],<br/>[[WRITER 2]]
|director = [[DIRECTOR]]
|date = ORIGINAL AIRDATE (September 26, 2012)
|previous = PREVIOUS EPISODE [[Homecoming]]
|next = NEXT EPISODE [[Code Blue Plate Special]]
It will then output like this:

Karma to Burn
Season 13
Number 1
Writer Christopher Barbour,
Don McGill
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate September 26, 2012
Previous Episode: Homecoming
Next Episode: Code Blue Plate Special
The episode introduction should be as follows:

EPISODE NAME is the EPISODE NUMER (first, second, third etc...) episode in season SEASON NUMBER (eleven, twelve, thirteen etc...) of SHOW NAME.

So for Karma to Burn, the introduction will be:

Karma to Burn is the first episode in the thirteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The synopsis is a broad overview of the episode.

The team strive to find answers following the kidnapping of Russell's granddaughter and the shooting of Undersheriff Ecklie.


The Plot section provides an indepth "walkthrough" of the episode. This section shouldn't describe the episode on a scene by scene basis but should highlight events that occurr and any interactions between characters. Relevant in-world images can be used providing there is sufficient text to fill the section. So for instance, do not add an image if there is only 2 lines of text, like the text below.

Finn receives a text message from Sara informing her that Ecklie has been shot. She calls Russell to let him know where she is and he tells her that his granddaughter Kaitlyn has been kidnapped.

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The cast section generally contains two subsections, Main Cast and Guest Cast.

Main Cast[]

Main cast credits are added for anyone who apears in the opening credits and/or is credited as main in the press releases.

Guest Cast[]

Guest cast credits are added for anyone mentioned in the end credits and/or mentioned in the press release. Guest, Special guest star and Recurring characters all go in this section.
If a character naming dispute ever arises (see Peter Onorati below) both names should be added but only the name used on-screen should be linked. The show itself is our best source so always use it if possible.

Major Events[]

This section is to record major events that happened during the episode. *This section is not required.
  • John Doe was relieved of duty
  • Jane Doe was promoted to Lt.
  • John Doe found out he had a son.

Episode Title[]

If the title has any significant meaning or reference. *This section is not required.
  • Karma to Burn is a reference to the book, Hold My Hand.


This section is to add quotes from the episode. Please only use one quote per episode. *This section is not required.
John Doe: So, when are you and me going out?
Jane Doe: In your dreams hot shot.
John Doe: Every night.


This is where the music used in the episode is recorded (not during the opening credits scene). *This section is not required.
  • Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.


Goofs are when you notice a mistake in the episode. *This section is not required.
  • During the autopsy the dead body was looking right, but in the next shot he was looking left.


This section to record anything note worthy that happens to the characters that is not a major event. *This section is not required.
  • Jane has a cat named Carl.
  • John admits to stealing his dad's car and taking a joyride.
  • Jane had to use deadly force for the first time.


This section is to record anything that has to do with the actors during the episode. *This section is not required.
  • David was supposed to appear in this episode, but he was unavailable for filming because he broke his arm.
  • Jane also appeared in CSI: Miami, Spring Breakdown.

See Also[]

The "See Also" section provides links to related pages. The "EpisodeSeeAlso" template should be included. This will provide all the basic links that are required. You can then add any additional links as required. The template is implemented as follows:
{{EpisodeSeeAlso|series=SHOW|season=SEASON NUMBER}}
It will then be output like this:

The footer navigation box provides links to episodes within the current season. It should be implemented as follows:
{{Navigation|series=SHOW|previous=[[PREVIOUS EPISODE]]|next=[[NEXT EPISODE]]|season=SEASON NUMBER}}
It will then be output like this:
CSI:Las Vegas Season 13
Karma to BurnCode Blue Plate SpecialWild FlowersIt Was a Very Good YearPlay DeadPick and RollFallen AngelsCSI on FireStrip MaulRisky Business ClassDead AirDouble FaultIn Vino VeritasExileForget Me NotLast Woman StandingDead of the ClassShelteredBackfireFearlessGhosts of the PastSkin in the Game

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