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Episode Spoilers[]

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    • Episode 13.11 will be titled "Dead Air".
    • Episode 13.12 will be titled "Double Fault".
    • Episode 13.13 will be titled "In Vino Veritas".
    • Episode 13.13 will be the CSI: NY Crossover.
    • Episode 13.14 will be titled "Exile".
    • Episode 13.15 will be titled "Forget Me Not".
  • CSI: NY
    • Episode 9.11 will be titled "Command+P".
    • Episode 9.12 will be titled "Civilized Lies".
    • Episode 9.14 will be titled "White Gold".
    • Episode 9.15 will be the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Crossover.
    • Season 9 has been reduced by 1 episode to a total of 17 episodes.

Character Spoilers[]