Minor Character: Miami
Name Carl Raines
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Haileah Kings gangster
Contract Killer
Pathology Serial Killer
Cop Killer
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 2+ killed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Neto DePaula Pimenta
First Appearance Sinner Takes All

Carl Raines is a serial hitman and a member of the Haileah Kings Gang, hired by Isaiah Stiles for another murder in Sinner Takes All in CSI:Miami.


Little is known about Raines, except he was a contracted killer for the Haileah Kings Gang who took jobs from whoever paid him and fit his MO, which was never specified. Rapper Isaiah Stiles employed him as a bodyguard for a while, but Stiles was horrified when Raines stole records of his music to bootleg. Stiles was close to firing him but he had another idea: knowing his past as a contract killer, Stiles offered him a payout if he'd kill movie producer Benjamin Paxton, who dropped his lead role in a movie Paxton hired Stiles to make the soundtrack for, then ruining his reputation by spreading hateful insults about his passion and career. After Stiles leaked the stolen songs so Raines wold have no bootlegs and to cover the contracted job with another story, he contacted some friends of his who directed him to Alonzo Santoya, a high stakes poker serial robber who was still at large and was never identified from always wearing a devil mask. He offered the robber the chance at another game Stiles would arrange Paxton to attend to be killed at so he could frame Santoya for the murder, going as far as using his diamond ring to score the glass of a thick window on a high floor where the game was being held, so the Santoya could break in and steal the cash prize. The day of the game, the robbery commences as planned, and when Santoya shoots the place to make everyone get down, Raines, hiding in a higher air duct, shoots Paxton in the hip, causing the bullet the travel up and fly out of his skull, hitting Stiles in his arm. He escapes immediately as the robbery's underway, but the CSIs track him down when they find an imprint of his gang tattoo in the vent, a specific design to mark his own identity. Calleigh Duquesne and Eric Delko chase him down with two responding officers, but he shoots one of them dead, resulting in being shot to defend the rest of them. As he's dying, he says in his last breath that he was paid to commit the murder per his usual, before he finally succumbs to being shot and dies. Stiles is later tracked from connecting Stiles and Santoya, resulting in the arrests of the two other culprits.

Modus Operandi[]

Raines' MO for his other contract killings is unknown, but for killing Paxton, he shot him from an air duct in his hip, causing the bullet to travel up and fly out of his head, which hit his last employer, Isaiah Stiles, in his elbow. When Raines was in the police shootout, he shot one officer dead, attempting to kill his partner as well as Duquesne and Delko, but he was shot dead before he could do more damage.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous other paid murders prior to Sinner Takes All
  • Benjamin Paxton (shot through an air vent in his hip, the bullet flying out of his skull)
  • Isaiah Stiles (incidental; bullet from Paxton lodged in his elbow)
  • The police shootout:
    • Unidentified responding officer (shot dead)
    • Unidentified responding officer (attempted; shot at but missed)
    • Calleigh Duquesne (attempted; shot at but missed)
    • Eric Delko (attempted; shot at but missed)

Known Clients[]