Minor Character: Miami
Name Carlos Gonzalez
Gender Male
Family Marisela Gonzalez (mother)
Juan Marco Varon (father; deceased)
City Miami
Occupation Refugee
Pathology Torture
Modus Operandi Hostage-Taking
Throat Slashing
No. of Victims 1 abducted
1 tortured and mutilated
1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jeremy Ray Valdez
First Appearance Blood Moon

Carlos Gonzalez is a Cuban refugee and the murderer of his own biological father, Juan Marco Varon, conceived from the rape, torture, and branding of Gonzalez's mother, Marisela Gonzalez. He appeared in Blood Moon in CSI:Miami.


Gonzalez is the son of Marisela Gonzalez, a Cuban refugee who works to emigrate other Cubans out of the country to escape the regime. Marisela was tortured, raped, and branded with an "x" in her shoulder by guerilla Juan Marco Varon, unspeakable crimes Carlos always hated Varon over. Marsiela never told Carlos one thing: Varon left Marisela pregnant from the rapes, making Varon Carlos' biological father. She kept this a secret from Carlos for his entire life, eventually leaving the country and promising Carlos to come back for him and emigrate him too. They both also know Varon emigrated into Miami to escape prosecution, which Carlos to swear to himself to get his revenge on Varon if he ever made it to the states. In 2003, Carlos swam from Cuba to Miami personally, meeting his mother, dehydrated and drenched in saltwater. He was finally ready to target Varon make the guerilla brutally pay for the brutality Marisela went through, despite Marisela not wanting Carlos to endanger himself even though she never stopped him.

Blood Moon[]

Gonzales found Varon in the cigar shop the guerilla ran while staying in hiding. when the shop closed, Gonzalez broke in and held a cigar knife to Varon's throat, forcing the fugitive back into the workshop. Tied to a chair and evoking Varon's crimes, Varon was tortured by Gonzalez down to the precise wounds Marisela and other people were inflicted, from the slashes from the cutter to the "x" brand left on Varon's shoulder. Gonzalez castrated Varon in revenge for the rapes, and once complete with the torture, Gonzalez killed Varon with a throat slash from the cutter. Gonzalez left Varon dead in the chair, cleaned himself off, took his bloody clothes, and ran. Marisela was tracked by the CSIs, and the stunningly identical wounds reveal the motives for Varon's torture-murder, also making her a suspect. She's exonerated, but finding out Carlos only recently immigrated, he's next on the list. The two try to play it as Carlos was immediately given attention once he reached the states and started applying for diplomatic asylum, but they find the bloody clothes Carlos was wearing, thus incriminating him in the crimes. Carlos, composing his rage and trying to cry, gives a full, emotional confession of maiming and killing Varon, avenging his mother for what she suffered. Carlos, at first in disbelief, is horrified to hear the truth from Horatio Caine: the fugitive he maimed to death and maimed and defiled Marisela conceived Carlos from raping Marisela. When Carlos is escorted out in shackles, he meets Marisela once more and, while they both cry, he asks why she never told him. She apologizes to him, and they both share a moment of love and grief before he's taken away. Carlos is eventually incarcerated for torture, mutilation, and murder one.

Modus Operandi[]

Gonzalez targeted the Cuban guerilla responsible for raping and torturing his mother Marisela, not knowing Varon conceived Gonzalez from the rapes. After reaching Miami, having swam from Cuba, he staked out Varon's shop and forced Varon back into the work station at knifepoint with a cigar cutter when the shop was closed. Varon was tied to a chair and tortured in the way Varon was also torturer, all the way down to matching slashes, using the cutter to make them. The same cutter was used to castrate Varon for raping Marisela, and Varon's "x" brand was used on the same shoulder the people Varon victimized were branded by. When satisfied with the level of torture, Gonzalez slashed Varon's throat with the same cutter, leaving Varon at the messys cene where it all happened, before cleaning up after himself and getting out.

Known Victims[]

  • Juan Marco Varon (held at knifepoint with a cigar cutter; tied to a chair, castrated and repeatedly cut with a cigar cutter, tortured, branded with an "x" in the shoulder, and throat slashed with the cigar cutter)