The Casino Heist Crew is a group of criminals who conspired to rob casinos in season two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


After Tammy Felton and Darin Hanson ran off together when Tammy killed her foster father and Darin's former partner, Joseph Felton, they fled authorities in Las Vegas. At an unknown point they partnered up with an ex-con named Adam Brower and a convenience store clerk named Dustin Bale. They formed a plan to steal alot of money from the casinos and Darin recruited a pit boss named Max Duncan to help with this.

Their first heist was in Laughlin where they robbed the Cottage Casino in a practice run for a much bigger job in Las Vegas. Darin and Tammy decided however that they were not going to share they profits of the Vegas job with their partners and as a result Darin killed off Dustin at his convenience store using a potato as a silencer. They however were surprised by the appearance of State trooper William Spencer who drew his gun and attempted to arrest them. Tammy however gave him a bribe to look the other way in addition to a cut of the Vegas job. He agreed and let them go to prepare.

They go into the Tower Club and shoot up the place and make off with $250,000 and Darin kills Adam with a single shot in the back. They then head to their getaway vehicle and head out to the desert for their secondary vehicle. After they get out of the car Darin strangles Tammy to death then takes off in a RMX bike to the silica mines to meet Max and William. William gets there first, but takes a page from Darin's book and shoots him execution style and takes all the money for himself.

When Max gets there he finds Darin's body, discovers the money is gone and panics. He sets out to leave Vegas but the police arrest him before he can get the chance and is charged for the felony murder of Adam Brower. The police eventually find out that William is the one who killed Darin and track him and the money down. Afterward William is arrested for murdering Darin and the group is disbanded.

Known Victims[]

  • 2001, Nevada:
    • Laughlin: An unspecified amount of people injured in the Cottage Casino heist
    • Calnevari: Dustin Bale (shot at point-blank range by Darin)
    • Las Vegas:
      • The Tower Club heist (one fatality):
        • Five unnamed security guards (shot by Tammy, Darin and Adam; all injured only)
        • Three unnamed civilians (shot by Tammy, Darin and Adam; all injured only)
        • Adam Brower (member; shot and killed by Darin with a single shot to the back)
      • Tammy Felton (member; manually strangled by Darin)
      • Darin Hanson (member; shot execution-style by William)

Known Members[]

  • Darin Hanson (leader in both heists; deceased)
  • Tammy Felton (second-in-command in both heists; deceased)
  • Dustin Bale (accomplice in the first heist; deceased)
  • Adam Brower (accomplice in both heists; deceased)
  • Max Duncan (inside man in both heists; incarcerated)
  • Officer William Spencer (silent partner in the second heist; incarcerated)


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