The relationship between Catherine and Warrick is very professional, and it is clearly emotional in the romantic aspect.

Season 5[]

Catherine warrick

The moment when she falls into his arms.

A great demonstration on how they have a crush on each other is explicit on "Down the Drain", when Catherine falls into Warrick's arms and they stare at each other in a somewhat romantic way.

Season 6[]

During "Bodies in Motion", Catherine notices that Warrick is wearing a wedding ring. He tells her and Vartann that he got married at Circus Circus. The dismay is visible on Catherine's face.


Catherine, as she finds out about Warrick's marriage

When David Phillips tells the team that the victim died in no longer than 4 hours, Catherine sarcastically comments that 4 hours is no longer than Warrick's time as married.

Back at the lab, he tries to explain to her about it. She says that the situation made her feel uncomfortable, and that she'd like to meet his wife, but suddenly changes subject. This shows that she felt jealousy or dismay. Catherine was later devastated and heart broken when she found out that Warrick died.