Minor Character: Miami
Name Chad Gibbs
Gender Male
City Miami
Pathology Robber
Modus Operandi Burglary, preceded by speed dating stalking
No. of Victims 1+ robbed
Status Incarcerate
Portrayed By Marcus Chait
First Appearance Speed Kills

Chad Gibbs is a serial robber and burglar appearing in Speed Kills in CSI:Miami.


Gibbs would troll for women at speed dating events just to rob them after breaking into their apartments. One woman, Rebecca Briggs, wouldn't take that lying down, refusing to call the police, but instead trying to snuff out Gibbs personally by interrogating each man at the event.

The CSIs evaluated the condo she lived in, tracking Gibbs' escape route to a smear near the entertainment center. DNA matches Gibbs, who confessed and was arrested and incarcerated after the stolen good were found at his place.

Modus Operandi[]

Gibbs targeted women attending the speed dating at the Neuron Lounge, collecting their persona information to use in getting access to their homes. Gibbs would then break in and rob them before escaping out a back-alley route.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unnamed women (all stalked and robbed)
  • Rebecca Briggs (stalked and robbed)