Minor Character: Las Vegas
Chandra Moore
Name Chandra Moore
Gender Female
City Las Vegas
Occupation Former DNA Tech
Status Alive
Portrayed By Reiko Aylesworth
First Appearance Viva Las Vegas

Chandra Moore was a DNA Tech assigned to the Las Vegas Crime Lab as the new replacement for former tech Greg Sanders in the season five premiere.


Moore is highly devoted to her job and refused to play any kind of music in the lab as she considered it to be distracting, not like Greg used to. She is a very big fan of Gil Grissom and admires Warrick for his presentation on longitudinal striations of the toenail at the A.A.F.S. (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) in Dallas, saying it was "really good work".


After Greg wanted to become a fully-fledged CSI, he brought in Moore to be his replacement. So, he only had to pass one more proficiency test to fulfill his dream.

Season 5[]

Viva Las Vegas[]

On her first day, she clashed with Catherine over the way Moore herself was going through the DNA samples according to her priority cases. She also gets very upset with Nick, Sara, and Hodges when they speak about the case in the lab. She took them out of the lab, when she asked them to take the case somewhere else. Hodges liked her thinking she's cute.

Unfortunately, Moore was unable to cope with the backlog of cases as well as the team comparing her to Greg and as a result, she abruptly quit on her first day while also stating that she was returning to Connecticut. This left the DNA tech position vacant which was later filled by Mia Dickerson, two episodes later. Moore's sudden resignation also saw Nick Stokes winning a bet he'd made with Warrick Brown.


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